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How to Develop Motivation to Lose Weight

How to have the motivation to lose weight? Losing extra pounds is never easy, especially if it involves a larger amount of pounds that you need to lose. A large number of people, even at the very thought of a child, raise their hands from everything and accept the fact that they will never get rid of excess. It takes a lot to succeed in the dieting in the long run, changes old habits, and introduces new ones. One of the most important things is needed that is motivation. How to develop motivation for weight Loss? It is always hard to find the motivation to lose weight.

Where is the motivation? Probably everyone at some point seemed to have a strong motivation to lose weight. In fact, what sets a truly motivated person apart is their determination to persevere to lose weight.

You also need to find good enough reasons why you want to lose weight and be aware of them. Motivation is like taking a shower. It is needed every day. Motivation evaporates quickly. What keeps you going is not motivation, but … If you are not motivated it’s hard to just do it. Think about why you started, and just get up and do.

“Pause. Breath. Crawl. Cry if you must. But keep going”

Instead of looking for motivation, start looking for reasons to lose weight. For example: because of my children, because I will find sympathy with a new look, because of my health, because I want to prove to the world that I can, out of spite towards someone or something, because of the god of this or that. Be prepared for the fact that there will be extremely difficult moments, especially when after a while the results are not visible.

More rewards and less self-criticism

To strengthen the will and maintain the motivation to lose weight, it is also important to reward on a weekly basis for the achieved success. So at the end of each week, if you have achieved your goal, reward yourself. It can be a favorite candy or a dish that you should not take often.

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Don’t be too critical of yourself and bother with the question of how you could have gained so much weight or how you could have allowed yourself to. We all have ups and downs in life and if you deal with such things too much you will kill the will to move on.

Stress is definitely one of the things that can get you off track and off the weight loss path. It affects our physical and mental condition very badly. Stress reduces the defense of our immune system, slows down the metabolism, and leads to exhaustion. It can also lead to a craving for food. To keep it under control, practice yoga.

Do You Want To Lose Weight?

According to recent research, about 54% of people are currently trying to lose weight. But you need something to move you, you need motivation. What is motivation in general?

There are two types of motivation, external and internal. However, there is one problem, that is, the question. Does motivation in any of the mentioned forms lead you to the goal? Why?

Motivation is focused on the goal, on the outcome. External motivation basically means the desire to be like him/her, the desire to do what he/she did, but with the external motivation, you do not have a perception of that person’s effort. On the other hand, internal motivation is an emotional state that also does not take into account the necessary effort.

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Continuity, effort, and plan are objective categories in the weight loss process, while internal and external motivation is subjective, one does not exclude the other. As we mentioned at the beginning, motivation is an emotional state, a psychological and subjective category, of a limited character.
This does not mean that motivation has no purpose because “Body transformation is a psychological process with an aesthetic outcome.” Each of the categories of motivation, objective and subjective, have their purpose in the process of physical transformation.

Motivation to Lose Weight

The motivation for losing weight is we can freely say the key to success in this process and without it it is simply unthinkable to persevere in the decision and push it to the end.

Motivation for weight loss is always strongest in the beginning, Due to motivation and the desire to do the best for ourselves, we usually opt for some of the physical activities such as daily jogging, going to the gym, joining one of the group training, hiring a personal trainer, turning to some form of sport, all in order to faster and easier weight loss.

The motivation for losing weight is huge and we have it in abundance, the energy in us is explosive. But through personal experience, we have noticed that it often happens that all that amount of enthusiasm and motivation in exercisers decreases quickly, especially in beginners. The motivation for losing weight can always be the fact of how many health benefits you will have when you switch to a healthy diet. The benefits of healthy food are innumerable to the extent that weight loss becomes a “side effect” of healthy habits.

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If you can’t find your motivation to lose weight right now, try to remember your previous experiences. Think about what gave you motivation then, what were your reasons for persevering in the change to the end?

You can think of it as your values or some passion. The only thing that matters is that it is something that moves you from within and gives you that necessary strength and will.