105 Positive Affirmations for Children

We decided to share with you 105 Positive Affirmations for Children. This list of positive affirmations for kids is very powerful. Children are a blessing from the universe. They are not the property of their parents.

They are spiritual souls who come to learn something. They are here to teach us many things if we are open to learning. These positive affirmations for kids can really help. We must realize that every child, which appears on this planet, healer and when encouraged can do amazing things and improve humanity.

Most of the world is confusing to children because they haven’t had time to learn very much about it yet. Kids have to learn even really basic things. Children are good at thinking about things they don’t understand and learning new things. Kids are confused a lot; that’s part of being a kid.

They are learning, and it’s ok. It’s up to us to break generational curses. When they say, ‘It runs in the family,’ you tell them: ‘This is where it runs out. We can’t ignore the fact that positive affirmations for kids have helped many people. We have here 105 powerful positive affirmations for kids.

Here are 105 positive affirmations for children who can practice together:

105 Positive Affirmations for Children:

1.) I like new things.

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2.) I’m ready to learn. Life is an education. I am a student. I’m doing the best I can every day and everything becomes easier.

3.) The child in me knows how to love and sing and dance and to heal. I respect and take care of yourself.

4,) I see the best in everyone.

5.) Now I contribute to a united, peaceful family life filled with love.

6.) To get more love, I need to be more loving.

7,) I allow myself big dreams.

8,) I am a unique person who follows your way.

9,) I’m not going to let myself get distracted from my goals. I have to win because my loved ones are counting on me.

10,) I’m mindful of my future. What might be fun right now may not be beneficial for me in the future.

11,) I’m smart.

12,) I’m a good friend

13,) I am a great listener.

14,) I am loved.

15,) I am unique.

16,) I am compassionate.

17,) I show empathy to others.

18,) I am brave.

19,) I have a strong body.

20,) I like myself the way I am.

21,) I am creative.

22,) I am resilient.

23,) I care for others.

24,) There is no one quite like me.

25,) I am helpful.

26,) I am funny.

27,) I have a positive attitude.

28,) I try my hardest.

29,) I love my life.

30,) I am beautiful inside and out.

31,) Peace begins with me.

32,) I am in love.

33,) I am surrounded by people who love me.

34,) I am free to be myself.

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35,) It’s safe to express my feelings.

36,) I spread kindness everywhere I go

37,) Today is a great day.

38.) I am worthy.

39,) I am a werry creative person.

40,) Miracles are always happening to me.

41,) I can do hard things.

42,) I choose to be happy.

43,) I am a joyful child.

44,) I do my best in my homework and school tasks.

45,) I am awesome.

46,) I am never alone.

47,) I am of great worth.

48,) I am talented.

49,) I am important.

50,) I am always learning and growing

51,) I am capable of anything.

52,) I believe in my dreams.

53,) I love challenges.

54,) I am strong and healthy.

55,) I can achieve anything.

56,) I have persistence in what I believe.

57,) I am courageous.

58,) I am calm, relaxed and peaceful.

59,) I am a leader.

60,) I am a beautiful human being.

61,) I am friendly.

62,) I am in control.

63,) I am me.

64,) I am joyful when I see my friends achieve.

65,) I help others with love.

66,) I have lots of friends who love me.

67,) I love to learn new things.

68,) Mistakes help me to learn and grow.

69,) I can learn anything.

70,) I strive to do my best.

71,) When I fail I say I can do it yet and try again.

72,) I was born to learn.

73,) I learn new things easily.

74,) I focus on my own results.

75,) I ask for help when I need it.

76,) When I don’t succeed right away I try again.

77,) I try different strategies.

78,) I grow my brain by learning new things.

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79,) I grow my brain by learning hard things.

80,) I improve with lots of practice.

81,) I am brave enough to try.

82,) I love my family and friends.

83,) I replace anger with compassion.

84,) I like myself.

85,) I love myself for who I am.

86,) I can accomplish anything I set my mind on

87,) I am in great health,

88,) I take care of my physical body daily.

89,) I eat healthy foods every day.

90,) I feel great and I have so much energy to play with my friends.

91,) Life is amazing and I am amazing.

92,) I can do this.

93,) I begin to learn now.

94,) I’m able to learn new things fast.

95,) I am an early riser,

96,) I attract positive people & events into my life.

97,) I am my own unique self.

98,) Today I will look for something positive in all situations.

99,) I am a proud child.

100,) My brain is like a muscle when I exercise it gets stronger.

101,) When I practice I see great results.

102,) I am capable of doing amazing things.

103,) I can control my own happiness.

104,) I won’t give up until I’m proud.

105,) I am powerful.

And yeah I actually do believe in positive affirmations for kids! We hope this list of positive affirmations for children will help.