Many scientists believe that the universe was influenced by certain sets of laws which are applicable to all people, regardless of race, gender or age. These laws are a kind of router that determine the flow of our lives. One of them is the law of attraction, which is represented by the belief that everyone can determine their destiny through the power of your mind. 

The Law of Attraction in our lives brings everything we need, according to the nature of our thoughts. This applies above all to the environment that surrounds us and our financial condition.

The Law of Attraction is not a new age nonsense. Its principles are much older and date back to ancient times. The first is that the general public acquainted with them was a Buddha. He literally taught: “What do you think it will become.”

The emotional energy

The concept of karma can also be linked to the law of attraction. According to him, everything that we send in the direction of the universe sooner or later receive back. If you are kind and empathize with others, etc. will also receive from the world in which you live. In the opposite case, you will experience the selfishness and cruelty of others. Of course, this may not be achieved at the same time. Your actions and thoughts manifest themselves through concrete physical beings, causing a corresponding reaction of the universe.

The law of attraction has become popular in the West during the 19th century, when people began to notice the importance of positive thinking and apply it in your life. This new concept in the general public was first introduced by Walker Atkinson, editor of the “New Thought”, which in 1906 published the book “The vibration of the mind and the law of attraction in the world of thought.” After Atkins works, the theme of the law of attraction periodically appeared in various books.

When you care, you use your imagination to create something you do not want.

You can not get where you want to be so you will have to fight against what they do not want – it never, ever works.

Many think that success means to get what I want. And we say, it is to be dead, and that kind of death do not exist. The success does not end up a little; not be complete. Success means more it will always dream and feel positively in the development of this dream.

When you offer a vibration, the forces of the universe work together to meet you. You really are the center of the Universe.

When you feel you are worthy enough of something, simply put, it means you have found a way to allow the energy to come up to you, the energy that is natural. The declaration that you are worthy enough of something or not, the thing that you have invented and proclaimed. You are the only one who can condemn yourself as worthy enough of something or not. You are the only one who can love yourself to a state of allowing or hate yourself in a state disallowing. There is nothing wrong with you, even with those who do not love you: but all of you at this time practicing the art of disallowing, ie. the art of resistance.

This is always true: What I think and what we feel, and what we manifest, always the same vibration. But there is a catch: What is manifested, does not manifest the same moment. So, at this whole block of time in which you are impatient, fleeting and do departure.