Effective Tutorial How To Write Your Own Subliminal Messages

If you want to write your own subliminal messages here’s how to do it! You can write subliminal messages with positive affirmations. Here are a few easy steps on how to create your own subliminal messages that you can use to reprogram your subconscious mind.

Remember that the key to reprogramming your mind is repetition. So use Subliminals every single day and by the end of this year, you’ll be a better version of you. Even on days when you don’t feel like it, just remind yourself that you’re worth the effort

This is information that we perceive below the threshold of our consciousness, more precisely, it communicates with our subconscious, so the eye and mind cannot consciously register it.

We decided to share with you how to write your own subliminal messages. And If you want to write your own subliminal messages here’s how to do it!

How To Write Subliminal Messages

Writing subliminal messages is easy. Sometimes we can use them as positive affirmationsRemember that Subliminals are a belief and like with everything else, for them to work, you have to believe that they will.

It may not work for everyone and that’s okay. If you want to use Subliminals but have subconscious beliefs that they won’t work, please work on transforming them before you start using Subliminals so.


  • The problem should be well defined first, whether it is health care or some other. Not the first ball. For example, it is not enough to say “I suffer from migraines”, but to clarify to myself what the problem is exactly. Does migraine handicap you professionally? Or emotionally? Would that same headache be less troublesome if you were to live a life without obligations, in which the inconvenience would be reduced to pain, without social consequences? Or is a headache a problem?
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  • When you clarify and break down the problem and all its aspects, you come up with a framework plan with a short and long term goal. The short-term goal is to neutralize the biggest distractions. In the long run, getting rid of the cause of the problem or, if that is not possible, reorganizing your life so that what you do wrong no longer causes problems, but becomes the trait that you accept and live your life accordingly. Like, for example, you were born with one shorter hand. You will not fight your whole life for your hand to grow, because it cannot be, but you will do some things differently than other people, but in accordance with yourself.


  • Then you ask if you want to get rid of the problem. What is its secondary benefit? There always is.


I’m sure you’ve heard about affirmations before.


  • Only then, when you have seen everything so well and are sure you are ready, positive affirmations in the form of subliminal messages come on the scene. I am not going to explain here how positive affirmations are written and how to practice them, we have all of that here how to write positive affirmations. And for additional brainwashing with affirmation, there are software programs that allow you to insert text into your computer that, while working, will fly too fast across the monitor to see it but will be registered by your subconscious.
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The effect of affirmations is twofold: Affirmation is what needs to be expressed as something it already is so that your brain operates from a state of consciousness of the winning position;

Not only does the brain receive the information you want, but also other divine forces, and so new events come to your life in your favor.

This may sound like magic or superstition, but the principle is actually taken from quantum physics and is based on the fact that everything is vibration.

Be the type of person that can walk into any room and instantly change the vibe. Be the source of good vibes, and let it spread. Subliminal Positive affirmations can really help.