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How to Use Feng Shui for Money, Wealth, and Prosperity


In this article, we decided to share with you a few simple tips on how to attract money with feng shui. How to use feng shui for money? How to attract money at home with feng shui?

As you feel more grateful for what you have, more money will flow into your life. To strengthen this flow, apply the following tips. Feng Shui refers not only to the position of some objects in the home. But also to our attitude towards life.

One of the options is to look for an additional or better job. Or to create conditions in your home and life for the uninterrupted flow of life energy, which is crucial for security and well-being. The following few tips will help, according to feng shui experts, to make the energy of money flow through your home. Here is how to attract money with feng shui.

It is true that money cannot buy knowledge, happiness, love, or health … But, it is true that money is necessary for food, clothes, bills, medicines, and even for countless other necessary things – various household appliances, for a carefree annual vacation, even a crazy car, why not?

How To Attract Money With Feng Shui

The money field is located in the area to the southeast of your living space as a whole and as parts. This direction brings growth, progress, and wealth. If it is missing, you will restore balance by painting the wall a clear green or placing a large plant. You can also hang a mirror so that the plant is reflected in it and creates a garden effect. Remember not to put plants in the bedroom.

To attract a constant influx of money into the house with feng shui, it is desirable to put water symbols in the southeastern sector, which suggests the presence of water energy. In the living room, you can use pictures photos showing water landscapes. You can also design the decoration of this field with the help of dark blue and black.

Waterfalls are thought to make millionaires. In addition to pictures with waterfalls, you can put an aquarium with fish this is a feng shui money magnet, But, a pot made of ceramics or porcelain, in which there is only water, will also serve. Mini fountains are also a good solution.

NEVER put water in the bedroom. You can lose money, you can have problems in love relationships.

NEVER place water arrangements on the right side of the door (right side when looking outside). It brings deception, most often to a man.

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NEVER place water energy symbols under the stairs. It has a bad effect on the financial situation of children in the family.

Three coins of different shapes with an opening in the middle and connected by a red ribbon are considered a very lucky symbol. It is best to carry them in your wallet. Make your own ship of wealth. Buy a small model of a ship and hang jewelry. Such a ship can be placed next to the front door so that it enters the room.

How To attract Money With Feng Shui Money Frog?

How To attract Money With Feng Shui Money Frog?

How to attract money feng shui money frog? According to the feng shui tradition. The figure of a frog, known as the Chinese money frog or the frog of destiny. Is believed to attract progress, abundance, and money into the home.

There are several types of this lucky figure, but feng shui rules emphasize that the most effective is a frog with three feet that holds a coin in its mouth because according to legend, this frog jumps around the house and leaves the energy of money in every corner of your house.

However, these frogs are not only kept at home, but many also keep them at work in order to attract wealth and progress at work.

However, it is not enough just to have a frog of money, but also to put it in a certain place, feng shui experts advise. If you place the frog in a place contrary to the feng shui rules, you can attract negative energy and repel abundance from yourself every day. The feng shui money corner in bedroom is far left.

6 places to place a frog of money according to feng shui rules:

  1. Place a frog near the front door.
  2. Her head should be turned inwards.
  3. It attracts the best energy if you keep it in the living room, especially if you have a private business.
  4. For career advancement, place it in the northern part of the living room.
  5. Place it on a table, for example on a coffee table.
  6. If you work in an office, keep it in a visible place on the table.

Tripod wooden frogs with a coin in their mouth are the most common symbol and can be found in Indian shops that are present in all our cities. It is placed in the southeast corner, ie the area. You can use them for decoration both at home and in the office.

In every part of the planet Earth, money is the primary means of payment. But what if our inflows are reduced, or we need more, and we can’t live the way we used to? One of the options is to look for an additional or better job or to create conditions in your home and life for the uninterrupted flow of life energy, which is crucial for security and well-being.

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Feng Shui refers not only to the position of some objects in the home but also to our attitude towards life. Here are some tips, feng shui for money will help the energy of money flow faster through your home.

Feng Shui for Money and Prosperity

How does feng shui for money, prosperity, and abundance work? Throw away the excess stuff. Keep your home and the place where you work tidy, without clutter, paperwork, and excess unnecessary things.

The cluttered space can neither attract nor retain the energy of wealth. You can feel great power only when you have done everything, so you should make a list of things that need to be solved. If you do not have much time for such detailed cleaning, take 30 minutes a day to tidy up space and solve the excess.

“Strong” entrance to the home. Creating a “strong” entrance to the home is very important because your house needs the order to attract the so-called. chi (universal energy). The front door is called Usta chi, and its strength and favorable energy are important for good energy in the house. Protect your door with symbols of abundance and happiness.

For example, do not place trash cans, recycling bins, or old bins near the door. Then, make sure the front door opens wide and does not creak. Make sure there are balance and harmony as soon as you enter through the door.

Space for money. Creating a space like this is very good, but it’s important to maintain it. A typical place is where you deal with finances – the working part of the apartment. Include elements such as wood that represents money and wealth. The blue color and photos of the river, lake or sea represent the water that feeds the tree. Of course, you can also use mirrors and plants that symbolize prosperity.

Symbols that evoke wealth. Place Feng Shui symbols in your home that bring wealth and abundance. You can use classic symbols or what represents abundance to you. Gold is a treasure and this color has a strong connection with money. You can use gold paint on paintings, pillows, decorations and other items in your home and office.

Free flow of energy. Check the flow of chi in your home and office regularly. Your goal should be to attract abundance. Make your home comfortable. For example, make sure that the hallways are not messy and dusty and that pictures of harmonious colors are hung on the walls.

Neat kitchen. The kitchen symbolizes food, so it is considered the most important part of the home. It would be ideal to be bright and spacious. If you have a small kitchen, make it bigger by adding mirrors to get a feeling of more space. Keep the kitchen clean and the garbage should not be visible. Fresh flowers and fruits are an important addition to such a space.

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Why use Feng Shui to get money?

Why do we use feng shui for money? In order for all of us to have money, we need a proper mindset. There is no opportunity without effort. To get that desired mindset that allows us to flow money faster, we need to work on ourselves, clean up old patterns, dig inside, and transform it all to actually attract money.

Of course, not all people are able to do this for many reasons. Some are not ready to deal with themselves, some are, but it is too difficult or they do not have time, and some are not even aware that in addition to the physical world there is the invisible to the eye, which actually permeates us 24 hours a day whether we are awake or not.

Precisely for this reason, Feng Shui offers a different approach that is for people who are not currently willing to work on themselves for certain reasons, but want to influence their happiness through change that is related to their space.

Attract money with feng shui. Money is a kind of energy, and it is important not only that we have it but also that it flows through our lives. If you do not have enough money to give and spend, it is certain that you can give others a little of your time or attention. And the ocean is made up of thousands of drops, remember.

How do you attract money in feng shui?

The principles of feng shui for money success in business are not as complicated as they may seem. There are some basic things that you can do to attract money into your life.

  • Keep your house clean and clutter-free. The more space you have, the more money will flow in.
  • Do not keep too many plants in your home or office. Plants absorb the energy from the room and will drain the money from your bank account.
  • Keep a green plant in the southeast corner of your house or office to attract money and prosperity into your life.
  • Plant a tree outside of your house or office to bring good luck and wealth into your life.

What is the feng shui color for money?

If you want to attract money into your life, it’s important to understand the color that will be most beneficial. That color is green. If you are interested in getting a promotion, that color can help you along.

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