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30 Positive Affirmations For Insecurity

Positive affirmations for insecurity are sentences that sow the seeds of optimism in us and help us change our beliefs. Use these powerful positive affirmations for grounding and protection when you feel insecure, detached from the source, anxious or scared.

Along with financial abundance, love, and a successful career, increased self-confidence is one of the most common goals set by people who work with the Law of Attraction. After all, greater self-confidence can increase happiness and help you continue to live the life you want, with passion and enthusiasm.

Even if self-confidence is not a priority in your use of the Law of Attraction, it is important to think about what feelings you have for yourself. If you cannot believe in your potential, your abilities, and your value, your negative concept, tied to yourself, can jeopardize your ability to manifest the future you deserve. Positive affirmations about insecurity can really help you feel better in any situation.

It only takes a few minutes to say an affirmation in the morning or before a big event – and if designed correctly, those words can improve your self-confidence in a powerful, easy way. Here are 30 positive affirmations for the insecurity that can boost self-confidence, with a focus on some of the key areas that tend to create insecurity.

30 Powerful Positive Affirmations For Insecurity

  1. I am worthy of receiving the love I give.
  2. I am proud of myself and all I have accomplished.
  3. I have higher and higher self-esteem.
  4. Others like, respect, admire, and appreciate me more and more.
  5. I respect myself deeply and completely, and I carry myself accordingly.
  6. I have more and more great things to offer the world.
  7. Every day I believe in myself and in my abilities more and more.
  8. My self-esteem is always getting better and better.
  9. I love the feeling of respecting myself.
  10. I anticipate miracles as a natural part of my life.
  11. A new door in my life stands open before me.
  12. I love the feeling of feeling valued.
  13. I deserve my life.
  14. I am fully and unconditionally open to progress on this journey towards healing my mind and soul. 
  15. Any reason to live no matter how small that reason it is good enough.
  16. Even if I fall back one day, I won’t be stuck forever.
  17. I do belong in the world, there are people that care about me.
  18. I refuse to give in to these feelings of defeat.
  19. I’m becoming a better version of myself with every passing day.
  20. I’m worthy of good things, and so is everybody else.
  21. I accept myself for who I am, in my current state.
  22. The only approval I’ll ever need is my own. I love my body and all it does for me.
  23. I stay balanced when other people are unbalanced.
  24. My soul radiates from the inside and warms the souls of others.
  25. I’ve been through worse than this and survived. This will not break me.
  26. I deserve to be treated well, and others will recognize this.
  27. I am confident, capable, and wonderful to talk to.
  28. No more ruminating over what could have been and what I should have done differently, my focus is how I’m going to do better in the future.
  29. I inhale relaxation and exhale fear.
  30. Each breath I take slows my thoughts more and more I’m strong and in control.
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Can Positive Affirmations For Insecurity Really Help?

Yes! They can! With the use of positive affirmations for insecurity, it’s possible to reprogram your brain and even overwrite deeply rooted limiting beliefs with new, empowering ones.

And a new belief system is basically equal to a new reality. Affirmations for insecurity are sentences that sow the seeds of optimism. Use these affirmations when you feel insecure. Because your beliefs are like filters for your reality. What you think, you become.