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Simple Gaude How To Raise Your Vibration in 5 Steps

How to raise your vibration? Raising vibration is easy. Nothing in the world is dormant, everything is vibrating, moving, emitting energy with its characteristic frequency. We can also emit different vibrations – such as fear and illness or joy and health. How do you adjust that process and stay on to another one?

Like all people, I experience a range of emotions, some are high and some are low. At this point in my life, I have learned how I can intentionally raise my vibration and stay in happy periods for quite a while, but I have noticed that my mind plays with me when I am on a lower vibration. I suppose you have a similar experience.

When we are at a lower vibration, we merge with thoughts that reflect our inner state. When we are sad, sad thoughts pile on one another. And here are 5 tips how to raise your vibration.

Every good thought, every good word, every good emotion, and every act of kindness is lifting the vibration of your being to new heights. And as you begin to raise your vibration, a new life and a new world will reveal itself to you. Rhonda Byrne

5 Tips How To Raise Your Vibration

How to raise your vibration fast? A person with low vibration is vulnerable and, for a little something capable, he lives with a constant feeling of dissatisfaction and disappointment. Raising vibration in 5 steps can really change your life.

By raising your vibration, you can achieve whatever you want in life. A man with low vibration is vulnerable and, for a little something capable, he lives with a constant feeling of dissatisfaction and disappointment.

Vibration can manage our lives. There are many available and easy ways to increase your vibration energy. Here are some of them:

1. Find reasons to love

Focus on what you love and amplIfy it if you see something you don’t like about a person or a thing find something you like instead and if you can, find how that which you do not like about a person is coming from a place of hurt not hate. See how many people in the world need to heal.

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Surrounding ourselves with the people, places, and things we love will help us move into the love vibration which is the highest vibrational state.

When we’re doing what we love with the people we love our vibration will increase, the opposite is true when we surround ourselves with things we hate – our vibration will remain at a lower frequency.

2. How to raise your vibration? Control your thoughts!

Our daily thoughts create our reality. We are not saying you should follow every thought that goes through your head. It could drive you crazy.

You just need to force yourself to remove the negative thoughts. At first, this seems like an impossible task. But over time, you will realize that it is not so difficult, you will teach your mind to filter your own thoughts.

Learn not to look at the problem, but how to solve it. The more you think about the good, the more you raise your vibration.

Just close your eyes and focus on breathing. This exercise connects you to the center of your body and soul, relaxes the nervous system and raises awareness of being in the present moment.

When your focus is on breathing, you become aware of your mind, which helps you easily switch from one thought to another. Exercise regularly until your mind adopts this as the simplest possible action.

When we take long, deep breaths we are sending a signal to the universe to say “I have an abundance of air” – as opposed to short, sharp breaths that send out a signal of lack.

Having the mindset of abundance raises our vibrational frequency – attracting more abundance to us in other areas of our lives.

To increase our vibration we need to think higher vibrational thoughts – love, peace, abundance – but that can be difficult at times.

The best way to think these thoughts is to align our actions with the kind of thoughts we want to create because our actions create our thoughts.

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It’s a lot easier to think in a higher vibrational way when we’re around the people, places & things we love – so distancing ourselves from negativity is a great way to increase our vibration.

3. Just say what you want to yourself!

Often, people with problems in their personal lives, when they see a loving couple sigh and say something like, “Yeah, someone got lucky, but not me!” Stop! This makes the situation even worse, thus lowering your vibration.

Next time say something like, “I’m happy for this couple, I’m sure in the near future, I will meet my destiny.”

The same can be translated into money, it is not necessary to tell all friends about problems in financial terms, with this you will only aggravate the already complicated situation. Learn to talk about prosperity, happiness, and money, it’s not enough to tell everyone the trouble!

4. Gratitude

Raising vibration with gratitude. Increasing our vibration requires us to acknowledge that there is no such thing as good or bad – with this in mind we can give thanks for every experience because of what they have been sent to teach us.

Becoming grateful for everything in our lives is the best hack to increasing our vibration because we move into the abundance mindset and attract more of what we are thankful for. Give thanks for everything you love in life and watch more of it roll in.

Be thankful for the gift that is life. The world is thankful to have you in it and I hope you know that. Every time a bird sings, the times you feel the light droplets of pre-rain fall, the find that blows through your hair and people that smile when they see you. These small signs are thank you’s from the universe for being here.

Wear gratitude like a cloak and it will feed every corner of your life. Rumi

5. Remember optimism!

This may be the hardest thing for you, it can be hard to stay positive when everything crashes and nothing succeeds, but even though it sounds paradoxical at such moments, you need to be positive.

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When you laugh and easily relate to the situation, your vibration increases sharply, and the higher your vibration, the faster the problems disappear. Positive thoughts attract good and pleasant people, and friendly communication is a guarantee of a good mood.


Raising the vibration of the physical body is a complex process that is simultaneously accompanied by the development of Consciousness.

If you are already working on removing the Ego, meditating, or simply coming to Knowledge through your life experiences, you are removing psychological, emotional and energy blockages. Energy blockages are manifested in the body in the form of diseases. As you release the blockage, the body heals slowly, which allows it to raise its vibration.

In general, we should be careful with every practice, we should listen first of all to our inner sense, which tells us what and how much we really need.

There is no special recipe, but everyone must feel for themselves how much is enough for them.

In the end, self-love raises the frequency of both consciousness and body. Negative thinking, anger, hatred, sadness, stress, restlessness, worry, loneliness, carry low vibrations, so these low vibrations are transmitted to the body.

Be aware of the energy in your body, play with it, work on aligning it, and allow it to flow freely through your body.

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