82 Powerful Affirmations For the Broken Heart: How to get over a breakup

Heartbreak is one of life’s most painful experiences. But within that pain lies the potential for healing, self-discovery, and resilience. Affirmations for the broken heart offer gentle words of support and encouragement during this vulnerable time. They won’t magically erase your pain but can provide a compassionate guide towards self-love and hope for brighter days.

Key Takeaways

  • Honoring Your Pain: Affirmations acknowledge the depth of your hurt without demanding you suppress it. This validation is crucial for genuine healing.
  • Self-Compassion Amidst Grief: Affirmations counter the harsh inner critic that can emerge during heartbreak, replacing judgment with kindness towards yourself.
  • Releasing the Past with Love: Guilt and resentment hinder healing. Affirmations help you shift towards forgiveness, freeing yourself from the past’s grip.
  • Finding Strength Within: They remind you that even when shattered, the spirit is resilient. You can rebuild and find joy again.
  • Opening to Future Possibilities: While it may feel impossible right now, affirmations plant the seeds of hope. They whisper that love and connection can once again enter your life.

Remember: Healing is not linear. Some days may feel heavier than others. Show yourself grace. Simply speaking these affirmations with gentleness are an act of profound self-care.

What are Positive Affirmations for the Broken Heart?

Positive affirmations for heartbreak are positive statements that can help us shift our thoughts and emotions from negative to positive. When we are experiencing a broken heart, positive affirmations can be particularly helpful in changing our perspective and helping us move forward. Some examples of breakup affirmations include:

  • I am healing and moving forward every day.
  • I am worthy of love and happiness.
  • I trust that everything happens for a reason and that good things are coming my way.
  • I am strong and capable of handling any challenges that come my way.

By repeating positive affirmations after breakup regularly, we can train our minds to focus on positive thoughts and feelings, rather than dwelling on negative emotions.

Why to Use Daily Affirmations After a Breakup

Using positive affirmations for broken hearts can be a helpful way to cope with the emotional turmoil and stress that often accompanies a breakup. Here are some reasons to use daily affirmations:

  • Consistency: Practicing affirmations daily can help establish a consistent routine, which can provide a sense of stability during a tumultuous time.
  • Positive mindset: Affirmations can help shift your mindset from negative to positive, promoting overall feelings of wellbeing and hope.
  • Emotional healing: Affirmations can help promote emotional healing by reminding you of your inner strength and resilience, and encouraging a sense of self-compassion.
  • Coping with stress: Breakups can be incredibly stressful, and affirmations can be a helpful tool for coping with stress and anxiety.
  • Improved self-esteem: Positive affirmations can help boost self-esteem and self-worth, which may have been impacted by the breakup.

Now that we have explored the benefits and ways of using Positive affirmations for the broken hearts, let’s delve into some examples of positive affirmations that can help you during this difficult time.

82 Positive Affirmations for the Broken Heart

  1. I am strong enough to heal my broken heart and move forward.
  2. I deserve love and happiness in my life.
  3. I release all negative emotions and embrace positivity in my heart.
  4. I am grateful for the lessons I learned from my past relationship.
  5. I attract love and positive energy into my life.
  6. I am worthy of a healthy and loving relationship.
  7. I choose to let go of the past and focus on my bright future.
  8. My heart is open to receive love and joy.
  9. I forgive myself and my past partner for any hurt and pain.
  10. I am capable of healing my broken heart and becoming stronger.
  11. I am confident in my ability to find true love and happiness.
  12. I choose to focus on the positive aspects of my life.
  13. I am surrounded by people who love and support me.
  14. I trust that the universe has a better plan for me.
  15. I am grateful for the love and happiness that comes my way.
  16. I let go of fear and embrace love and positivity.
  17. I am thankful for all the good experiences I had in my past relationship.
  18. I am resilient and will overcome any obstacle that comes my way.
  19. I am deserving of a healthy and happy relationship.
  20. I choose to attract love that is healthy and beneficial for me.
  21. I am blessed with love and joy every day.
  22. I am worthy of a loving partner who treats me with respect and kindness.
  23. I am a valuable and deserving person of love and happiness.
  24. I have the power to heal my heart and move forward with positivity.
  25. I release all negative thoughts and focus on the good.
  26. I choose to see the beauty in every situation.
  27. I trust my intuition to guide me towards a happy and healthy relationship.
  28. I am proud of myself for trying and growing through my past relationship.
  29. I am surrounded by love and abundance.
  30. I am thankful for the love and kindness that surrounds me.
  31. I choose to let go of toxic relationships and embrace positive ones.
  32. I am capable of creating a bright future for myself.
  33. I am confident in myself and my abilities.
  34. I trust that the universe will bring me the love that I deserve.
  35. I am grateful for the lessons I learned from my past relationship and move forward with positivity.
  36. I let go of any attachment to my past relationship and embrace my future.
  37. I am deserving of a fulfilling and loving relationship.
  38. I attract love and positivity into my life.
  39. I trust in the timing of the universe and know that everything happens for a reason.
  40. I am grateful for the growth and self-discovery that came from my past relationship.
  41. I choose to let go of fear and embrace love and positivity.
  42. I am capable of healing and becoming stronger through my heartbreak.
  43. I am worthy of a partner who loves and respects me.
  44. I am deserving of a relationship that brings joy and happiness into my life.
  45. I am surrounded by positive energy and abundance.
  46. I am grateful for the people who support and uplift me during my healing journey.
  47. I choose to focus on my growth and self-care during this time.
  48. I release any attachment to my past relationship and embrace my future.
  49. I am confident in myself and my ability to find true love.
  50. I am thankful for the love and positivity that surrounds me.
  51. I choose to see the good in every situation.
  52. I am strong enough to heal from this heartbreak.
  53. My heart is open to love again.
  54. I am deserving of a happy and healthy relationship.
  55. I am grateful for the lessons this breakup has taught me.
  56. I am releasing all negative energy and embracing positivity.
  57. My heart is healing with each passing day.
  58. I trust the universe to bring me the love I deserve.
  59. I am worthy of love and respect.
  60. I choose to let go of the past and move forward with love.
  61. I am capable of forgiving myself and others.
  62. My heart is resilient and can bounce back from any challenge.
  63. I am attracting positive and loving people into my life.
  64. I am letting go of all fear and doubt surrounding love.
  65. My heart is open to giving and receiving love.
  66. I am attracting the right person into my life at the right time.
  67. I am a magnet for healthy and happy relationships.
  68. I am grateful for the love that surrounds me every day.
  69. I choose to focus on the good in every situation.
  70. I am grateful for the opportunity to grow and learn from this experience.
  71. I trust that everything is happening for my highest good.
  72. I am surrounded by supportive and loving friends and family.
  73. I am free from the pain of my past and ready to move forward.
  74. My heart is filled with love and light.
  75. I choose to see the beauty in every moment.
  76. I am worthy of a love that is pure and true.
  77. I am releasing all attachment to the past and embracing the present.
  78. I am deserving of a love that is kind, patient, and understanding.
  79. My heart is open to all the possibilities of love.
  80. I am at peace with my past and excited for my future.
  81. I am grateful for all the love I have experienced in my life.
  82. I am attracting abundance and joy into my life.

How to use Positive Affirmations for Healing Broken Heart?

There are several ways to use positive affirmations for healing a broken heart. Here are a few tips:

  • Choose affirmations that resonate with you and feel meaningful.
  • Repeat your affirmations regularly, either out loud or in your mind.
  • Write your affirmations down and place them where you will see them often, such as on your bathroom mirror or in your journal.
  • Visualize yourself living out your affirmations, and feel the positive emotions associated with them.

Remember that healing from a broken heart is a process, and it may take time to see the results of your affirmations. Be patient with yourself and continue to practice your affirmations regularly.

How Self Affirmations After Breakup Works?

Self-affirmations after a breakup can be a powerful tool for boosting self-confidence and self-worth. When we experience a breakup, it’s easy to start questioning our value and worth as a person. Self-affirmations can help counteract these negative thoughts and remind us of our strengths and positive qualities.

To use self-affirmations after a breakup, try repeating statements that focus on your personal qualities, strengths, and achievements. For example:

  • I am a strong and resilient person.
  • I am worthy of love and happiness.
  • I have many positive qualities that make me a valuable and lovable person.

By repeating these affirmations regularly, you can start to shift your thoughts and feelings towards a more positive and confident outlook.

How to Write Positive Affirmations for a Heartbroken?

To write positive affirmations for a heartbroken, start by thinking about the negative thoughts and feelings that you are experiencing. Then, try to reframe these thoughts in a more positive and empowering way. For example:

  • Negative thought: I will never find love again.
  • Positive affirmation: I am worthy of love and trust that I will find the right person at the right time.

It’s important to choose positive affirmation for broken heart that feel meaningful and authentic to you. Try to focus on statements that make you feel good and remind you of your strength and value as a person.

What are the Benefits of Words of Affirmation After a Breakup?

Words of affirmation after a breakup can have many benefits, including:

  • Boosting self-confidence and self-worth
  • Reducing negative thoughts and feelings
  • Promoting positive emotions and outlooks
  • Helping to shift focus from pain to healing and positivity
  • Encouraging a more self-compassionate approach to healing

By incorporating words of affirmation for a broken heart into your healing process, you can support yourself in a positive and empowering way.


In conclusion, affirmations for the broken heart can be an incredibly powerful tool to help heal emotional wounds after a breakup or heartbreak. By using positive affirmations, you can change your mindset, boost your self-esteem, and focus on the future.

Whether you write your own affirmations or use pre-written ones, it’s important to repeat them regularly and truly believe in their message. It may take time and effort, but with consistency and dedication, breakups affirmations can help you heal and move forward after a difficult time.


  1. How long should I repeat affirmations for the broken heart? There is no set amount of time to repeat affirmations for the broken heart, but it’s important to do so regularly. Some people repeat them daily, while others may do so multiple times a day. The key is to be consistent and make it a habit.
  2. Can positive affirmations really help heal a broken heart? Yes, positive affirmations can help heal a broken heart by changing your mindset and focusing on the future rather than the past. They can boost your self-esteem and help you build a more positive outlook on life.
  3. Do I have to believe in the affirmations for them to work? While it’s important to truly believe in the message of your affirmations, it’s okay if you don’t fully believe them at first. Over time, with repetition, you may start to believe in them more and more.
  4. Can affirmations replace therapy or professional help? Affirmations can be a helpful tool in addition to therapy or professional help, but they should not be used as a replacement for professional treatment.
  5. Can I write my own affirmations for a broken heart? Yes, writing your own affirmations for a broken heart can be a great way to personalize the message and make it more meaningful to you. Just remember to keep them positive and focus on the future rather than dwelling on the past.