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What is Numerology? What Does the Numerology Code Say About You?


What is numerology? Numerology is an ancient science of numbers. Numbers are represented all around us. In our everyday life. But we need to know how to interpret them in the right way. When we achieve this we will look at everything from a “different” angle. Using the power of numbers, let’s try to understand why some things happen to us. Try to accept some things in life if you can’t change them already!

Most people have heard of numerology and only know that it is something related to numbers, but few know that it is one of the oldest sciences that deals with the study of the influence of numbers on people and their abilities. Many take the famous Pythagoras as the originator of this science, and some of its forms date back to the time of ancient Egypt.

Numerology accurately and precisely determines future events in our lives. Numerology does not allow us to get to the heart of things, because it studies the outer and inner world, and in both cases it is the same laws. Numerology gives us the opportunity to acquire the ability to isolate certain human traits and characteristics, to determine the balance or imbalance between them and to bring them into a harmonious whole.

The goal of numerology is to help individuals get into the essence and find the purpose of what they are doing by helping them and showing them how to penetrate the meaning of the vibrations of the world around them. Because numbers matter in every consideration of the essence of my work, it is not only to determine whether two people match each other but also to discover the possible outcomes of their relationship as well as the reasons that led to that encounter. past, present and future. Numerology gives us answers to all questions, which are related to our life and our decisions.

It is known that numerology has long been treated as a kind of skill, ie. the analytical method of using numbers when predicting important life events. Many people are fascinated by the meaning of numbers and their numerological interpretation. Over time, several theories or methods were formed by which it is possible to calculate your birth number, then your personal number or lucky number, etc.

What is Numerology?

So what is numerology? Another name for numerology is the science of numbers. This science reveals that the numbers are vibrations and that each vibration is different from the previous one due to the number of cycles that are constantly changing in time, from second to second.

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Numerology is the ancient science of numbers. Numbers are present all around us, in our everyday life, but we need to know how to interpret them in the right way. Help me through this text.It is based on the interpretation of one-digit numbers from 1-9 and multi-digit numbers 11, 22, 33, 44 which are written 11/2, 22/4, 33/6, 44/8, which are finally reduced to single digits. Our whole life is summed up in this strange world of numbers.

Numerology can therefore be understood in three ways:

  1. As a prediction, that is read through numbers
  2. As the science of numbers
  3. Science, that deals with the influence of numbers on human life

Numerology is a science that deals with the study of the esoteric and fateful meaning of numbers, as well as everything that can be turned into numbers, especially a person’s date of birth and his name and surname.

Numbers have always had religious and magical meanings.

Numerology is not a work that deals with spells, nor is it one of the occult disciplines, numerology is not magic or mystery, numerology is simply an ancient science and knowledge of numbers.

It’s about the numbers in your life and what they say about you; about your personality, about your abilities and talents, about your weaknesses, about your desires, your motivation … about your natural inclinations and talents and in fact about everything that defines you as a specific person – what you really strive for in your life.

Numerology can offer a deep insight into your life which can help you reach your greatest potential at any point in your life.

  • Your date of birth describes the path you will take in your life.
  • Your first and last name describes the person moving down that path.

Based on the interrelationships and aspects between your date of birth and your first and last name, with proper analysis, a numerologist can extract a handful of valuable information that can be of great help and benefit to you in your life.

What is the meaning of my name in numerology?

What is the meaning of my name in numerology? According to numerology, our name has a much greater meaning than we think. Numbers in our lives, as well as astrological signs, give a description of someone’s personality. Find out what your name hides according to numerology.

The number of names in numerology is determined by adding names and surnames by putting the ordinal number of letters in the alphabet instead of each letter. Reduce that sum to a one-digit number and read the meaning for each. What is the meaning of my name in numerology? Here is the simple answer.

Number 1
People with this number of names are remembered for a long time. They can be very successful, especially if they have a fateful number of units. They can achieve popularity and fame, and often 1 number of names of writers, actors, poets, as well as leaders.

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For people who have this number of names, as well as for those with the same spiritual number, good days of the week are Sunday and Monday, their favorite colors are orange, yellow, copper, gold, which they need to enrich their living and working space, because just looking at them brings in good energy.

Number 2
Two as a number of names brings calmness and satisfaction as the main characteristics of people who have it. Also, cuteness and youthful appearance are what characterizes them. Anyone with 2 names can be successful in the import-export business, as well as in the field of herbal medicine. In life, they can hope for help from older women, as well as from women in general.

Number 3
People with this number of names are brave, disciplined, reliable, and compliant. They are very eloquent speakers, so people like to listen to them as they talk. If their spiritual number is 3, they could be great leaders. They can reach high positions, but they have to make a serious effort for that.

Number 4
This is not exactly a desirable number, because it makes people with a name in it cautious and suspicious. It does not bring much success in business, and these people do not have a wide circle of reliable friends.

People whose name is number 4 feel best on weekends, and the colors that bring them serenity are blue and gray.

Number 5
Those with 5 number names are progressive, cheerful and lively. If they have a high five and a personal number, they could gain great wealth. This is usually the number of journalists, business people, bankers, athletes, publishers, doctors.

Number 6
Artistic souls, musicians and dancers have this number of names. These people are sociable, likeable, hospitable. They are strongly attracted to inner and outer beauty, both in humans and in nature.

Number 7
People whose number is this are usually educated and cosmopolitan, and they have the opportunity to become pioneers in something, such as science and art. The environment will remember them for their original way of thinking and philosophical approach to life.

Number 8
These people are often lonely and not a favorite in their environment. However, their loneliness and withdrawal from people can bring them success and fame.

Number 9
People with nine as the number of names are honest, open, creative, and independent. It gives them strong will and determination, as well as strength and endurance in enduring adversity and opposition in life. This is a good number of names for politicians. People with 9 names are very diligent and hardworking, so they have little time left for fun and relaxation.

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Even numbers are considered “female numbers”, negative because they can be divided into equal parts and reduced to nothingness, empty space, and original chaos. Odd numbers, due to the fact that they are indivisible and unsolvable, were considered male numbers and a divine character was attributed to them. Odd numbers are charged with life’s pulsating power, which cannot be said for even numbers that lack both spirit and imagination.

Number Of Birth

You can determine your personal number by adding up your date of birth (except the year of birth). For example, if you were born on 15.05. Your birthday number is: 1 + 5 + 0 + 5 = 11, 11 = 1 + 1 = 2. So number 2 is your birth number.

Combination Of Birth Number With Personal Number

You can also use the following procedure: Each letter has its own numerical value that shows a certain cosmic vibration. By adding the letters of your name and surname in a way that instead of each letter (name and surname) you take the ordinal number of that letter presented in the alphabet and by adding all those numbers (your name and surname) you finally get a sum that reduces to a single digit.

The sum of the numbers of your date of birth and the sum of the numbers that originate from the sum of the numbers of your name gives the final collective or strong “interword address vibration”. These numbers say a lot about your character, then about the leading goals or purpose of life, what motivates you, drives you, what your talents are.

A detailed study of the date of birth reveals the knowledge of destiny – the path of life, with all the joys or sorrows that it brings with it. Numbers can be compared to notes: depending on their position, they trigger vibrations, melodies and cosmic music that shapes our lives. Accordingly, numerology views life as a “music notebook” where each side carries a new or different melody.

If you are familiar with the basic rules of observation and interpretation of the numerological map, it is possible to achieve the maximum in different segments of personal, private or business life. You will want to play or “play” like a true virtuoso who achieves self-realization – full command over personal life.

Thus, numerology in various ways can be very useful. Numerology experts usually use numbers to determine the best time for the most important moves, changes, or activities that a certain person should take. Numerology has its practical and useful application in giving advice or answering basic questions – when to invest capital, when is a good time for marriage or travel, then when you need to change jobs, or move! Feel free to count and become your own virtuoso, or without reacting, indulge in a melody that others are conducting for you. The choice is yours!

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