40 Powerful Sunday Affirmations To Get You Out Of Bed

Sunday affirmations are positive messages that you can say to yourself every day. They’re usually written in a journal or on a card, but we can also say them out loud.

Sunday can be a difficult day for many people. It is the last day of the week and before you know it, it’s time to get back to work. We all need some extra motivation on days like these! That’s why we have compiled a list of Sunday affirmations that you can follow to give yourself a lift this weekend!

Our beliefs shape our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. You are far more likely to achieve lasting success when you are living in alignment with what you want rather than what you don’t want.

Sunday is a day for reflection and gratitude as it’s the day we usually take time to rest and think about all the things we have.

A common reminder for Sunday is to keep our minds focused on the positive. However, many of us still struggle with finding the affirmation that energizes us and makes us feel focused.

What are Sunday Affirmations?

What are Sunday Affirmations? Sunday affirmations are positive statements that you make to yourself as you begin your day. They can help improve your outlook on life and give you a positive attitude. You can also use these affirmations to bring abundance into your life.

Sunday Affirmations are a fun way to create mini-goals that will help you achieve your long-term goals. Sunday Affirmations are unique because they are based on the most important day of the week, Sunday!

Affirmations are positive statements that we speak aloud or write down to be repeated and meditate on them during the week. These Sunday morning affirmations help us to change our mindset and move in a positive direction.

Sunday affirmations are a powerful tool that can be used to help you live your life more positively every day of the week. The Sunday affirmations are designed especially for Sundays because they are meant to help you start fresh on Mondays after having a good rest. It is an opportunity for you to set new, healthy habits for the week ahead.

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“Sunday Affirmations” are a powerful daily practice that I use to keep me on the right track. This is not something you do once and then forget about, but rather an ongoing practice for your whole life. It has the potential to transform every area of your life. There are 3 steps to forming your Sunday Affirmation:

  • 1) Decide what it will be
  • 2) Write it down
  • 3) Say it out loud every day.

You might want to start with one small thing you want to change in yourself or in your life, then expand outward from there.

Sunday is a day when we get the opportunity to unburden ourselves from the past and start with a clean slate. This is an important time when we can express our gratitude for all that we have in our lives and also improve ourselves.

40 Powerful and Inspiring Sunday Affirmations

  1. I am a good person.
  2. The world is a beautiful place.
  3. I deserve happiness and success in all areas of my life.
  4. My happiness depends on my actions and not others’.
  5. Today’s challenges will make tomorrow better for me and everyone else around me .
  6. Today is going to be the best day of my life so far!
  7. I have a lot to be grateful for.
  8. My life is so good compared to many others.
  9. There are so many things I can do in life today.
  10. I am happy with who I am
  11. I appreciate how far I have come
  12. I am confident in my abilities
  13. I know that I always try my best
  14. Every day, I am growing as a person
  15. I allow myself to be happy today
  16. I am open-minded today
  17. I am patient today
  18. I am confident today
  19. I know what happiness feels
  20. It is okay to be imperfect
  21. I will always try my best
  22. I deserve happiness
  23. Today is a new day
  24. I will not attach my happiness to other people
  25. I will always remember how things used to be better for me before
  26. I am sweetly successful in life because of the support of others who have come before me
  27. My life is filled with joy and amazement
  28. I am a unique, multifaceted being
  29. I have the power to shape my reality
  30. This day could be better than yesterday so I will make it so
  31. Every single person has their own unique perspective and experience
  32. It’s not about how many people show up, but rather about what’s in our hearts
  33. I am making progress everyday
  34. I have amazing friends
  35. Today is not my day to worry about anything
  36. Today is a new day
  37. I know that I am worthy.
  38. I know that I have infinite power within me.
  39. I choose to surround myself with positive people.
  40. I choose to be the best version of myself.
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How a Sunday Affirmation Helped Me Feel Happier, Focused & Motivated

While some people tend to over-think things, I use Sunday affirmations to help me focus on what is important.

I put them on my phone and listen to one every Sunday morning before starting the day. I find that they help me be more positive and feel happier. They have also helped me get through tough times.

When it comes to feeling happier, better, and more motivated, Sunday affirmations are a good way to start. They help us overcome the thoughts of self-doubt and make us feel like we can accomplish anything.

I would say that one of the best ways to feel happy is by reading a Sunday affirmation every day. It helps you think about positive things in your life. One of my favorite affirmations is “I am strong inside and I change the world.” It makes me feel very confident in myself.

It can also be helpful if you attach an image to your Sunday affirmation to go along with it. This can be done by looking at pictures that represent what your affirmation means or drawing them yourself.

The key to achieving your goals is to be able to work hard and maintain focus. But sometimes, it’s difficult to stay motivated. This is where Sunday affirmations come in.

Positive Sunday affirmations are positive words that you tell yourself daily or weekly that help you feel better about yourself and your life. I personally use affirmations on Sundays as a reminder of how great I feel after the weekend because my days start fresh with a clean slate.

Tips on Writing Your Own Sunday Affirmation

It is important to write your own affirmation on a regular basis. You can start with a basic one, or you can create one that is tailored to your individual needs.

It is important to choose the time of day when you write your affirmation so that it will be something that will actually work for you.

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Writing your own affirmation is a great way to stay motivated and ready for the week ahead. Here are some tips for writing your own affirmations that work with your personality type.

  • – Affirmations should be brief, but they shouldn’t be too simple either.
  • – Use affirmations that work for you, not just what you think is popular at the moment.
  • – Choose words that are specific to what you need in life.

You have the power to create your own Sunday morning affirmation that will help you shift your focus from what you don’t want to what you want.

Think of it as a mission statement for life. It is up to you how long it takes and what it says but the idea is that while creating this statement, shift your focus from what doesn’t work for you and focus more on what does work for you.

This Sunday morning affirmations should be positive ones. As an example, “I am strong” or “I am healthy” are good affirmations because they are things that most people can easily identify with and can be applied to their lives in some form.

Every Sunday morning, I write down 40 affirmations that I will act on throughout the day.

  • I’m so grateful for my life and my blessings.
  • I am so grateful for the opportunity to achieve my dreams in life.

Every day, I try to take one step closer to achieving whatever it is that I want. If it’s something small like exercising or eating well, then that’s better than nothing.


Affirmations are the practice of speaking positive things into existence. I’ve been using affirmations for years, and it has improved my life immensely. If you are looking to improve your life in any way, I highly recommend using affirmations to help you achieve all of your goals!

So, if you want to know the best way to get over a breakup, follow these affirmations and you will be on your way. You can start this process immediately by writing down your thoughts in an affirmation journal. This is a great method for getting back in touch with who you are, what makes you happy, and how to connect with people that make you feel good about yourself.

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