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10 Simple Tricks How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others


In this article, we decided to share with you 10 simple tricks on how to stop comparing yourself to others. And how to stop comparing yourself to others physically? Do you know of a surefire way to destroy your confidence?

Comparing ourselves to others is something we all do. We compare our bodies, our bank accounts, our Instagram accounts, and sometimes even our feelings. We make comparisons to others on an almost daily basis.

The act of comparing ourselves to others can be a good or bad thing depending on the intent behind it. It can be a great way to make sure we are not settling for anything less than what we deserve. However, it can become a negative experience when it is done unconsciously.

The most negative part of comparing ourselves internally is when that comparison turns into internal negative self-talk. When we start comparing bad things about ourselves to others, it drastically lowers our self-confidence and reinforces self-doubt.

Comparing your anxiety to someone who has no anxiety is not going to help you overcome your fears. Comparing your financial struggles to someone who always seems to have money can give you more anxiety about your situation.

Comparing yourself to others… With their accomplishments, their looks, and all that they have and you do not have. One of the most destructive habits that many people constantly repeat is comparing themselves with others.

You compare cars, homes, jobs, shoes, money, popularity, and more, and of course, at the end of the day, you end up with a lot of negative emotions in you.

Comparing yourself to others will certainly not make you feel more comfortable with yourself. You will always find someone who is smarter, more successful, more resourceful, more beautiful, which will make you feel bad in your own skin. How to stop comparing yourself to others physically? Here are 10 simple tricks on how to stop comparing yourself to others.

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Although we are aware that we should not compare ourselves to others, we often do. That does not help either modern technology that gives us access to all the happy moments and achievements of others. How do you stop comparing yourself to others? We decided to share with you 10 steps on how to stop comparing yourself to others.

10 Simple Tricks How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Comparing yourself to others has been shown to have some serious consequences; it can make you feel jealous and unhappy in the long term. But why do we do it at all?

Being able to learn lessons from others, without comparing yourself to them, is a way to be more entrepreneurial, creative, and productive as an individual. It’s important because being judgmental can prevent the kind of growth that we all need in order to get where we want to be.

The following is a perfect example of how useful networked learning can be; let’s say you’re starting a meditation practice and you really enjoy it. During your practice, you start getting annoyed that your friend isn’t seeing the same benefits from meditating that you are. You start comparing what they are doing wrong (which is nothing, because meditating is hard) and feeling bad for them or feeling better about yourself.

How to stop comparing your life to others? Here are a few tricks to do so.

1.  Be Kind.

Kindness has a huge impact on the formation of thoughts about someone and something. The more you judge other people, the more you will judge yourself. Therefore, if you are kinder and kinder to other people, you will be kinder and kinder to yourself. The more you love other people, the more you will love yourself.

2. Do not create myths.

If you start making myths about other people, even if they have achieved remarkable results, you are likely to distance yourself from them.

If you start thinking that you will never achieve something like them, you will begin to be envious. It is important that you know that all people, only people, no matter who they are and what business they are engaged in.

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Don’t even do the opposite. Do not consider someone small just because there is nothing that you consider important, because you will start to consider yourself small if you lose it or something else. Treat all people equally, be equally helpful, equally kind, equally approachable … no matter who they are or what they are.

3. Begin to understand that you cannot win.

No matter what they do and how much they accomplish, someone will always be better and someone will have more than you. Comparison is a game where you can never win.

4. Only Compare Yourself to Yourself.

Instead of comparing yourself to other people, compare yourself to yourself. Keep track of your progress and development. Are you better now than a few years ago?

This is the only habit of comparisons that benefits you because it drives you to work positively and constantly make progress.

5. Accept who you are.

Liars, scammers. You must have come across such people throughout your life. Many use these tactics because they believe it will bring them success. But the truth is, most will recognize it, and then respect will disappear. Isn’t it easier to be who you are? Be your own, not a copy and a liar!

The only person you need to compare yourself to is yourself. As long as you waste your energy on jealousy, you do not have the energy needed to accomplish your goals. Instead, congratulate others on success and focus on your desires and dreams.

6. Set Your Goal.

Set clear goals and set priorities. Focus on how to accomplish a goal while knowing exactly what you want and working out a precise plan of accomplishment.

A colleague who does exactly the same job as you do? Change your viewing angle and instead of considering it as a competition, find out what you can learn from its viewing mode. Leave the ego behind and concentrate on achieving your own success.

7. Make a Difference.

It may be an area of work that you and the people you compare are equally engaged in, but the way someone does their job is different.

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Become aware of what makes your business different from the work of the person you are comparing yourself to, how it differs with your product or service, define those differences and make a strategy for highlighting them.

Maybe that person’s background is different and at first, it was an advantage over you. Remember to consider the time factor as well. How long did that person you compare take time to succeed and what were the circumstances then?

There are many factors that influence the development of a situation and it makes no sense to compare if the circumstances are drastically different.

8. Remind Yourself of Your Own Qualities.

How to stop comparing yourself to others physically? This is how to stop comparing yourself to others physically. Each of us has qualities, but we often forget them because we concentrate on those of others. Remind yourself what you have done, what you have achieved so far and how you have succeeded. Broaden your knowledge, skills, enroll in a course and upgrade your knowledge. By constantly working on yourself, you will feel better and your success will not be lacking.

9. Be Patient.

Sometimes it seems that we are standing still and that progress is not being seen, and often it seems to us that somehow everything is going faster and easier, that they were born under a lucky star. Yes, they may be, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t either.

It may take your star a little longer to shine and you should not lose hope and confidence for this reason than concentrate on how to achieve it. Do you have a goal? Set a specific timeframe to reach your goal, but keep the deadline realistic.

10.  Be Grateful.

When you exclude yourself from other people and look at yourself and everything you have achieved so far, you will find that it is not as bad as it seems at first.

You may be just at the beginning of your career and have a lot to do, but be grateful for what you’ve already accomplished. Surely you already have an environment that appreciates your work and clients who love to work with you. Nurture this relationship and remind yourself why it is so.

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