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6 Simple Tips How to Experience a Spiritual Awakening


For the most part, we imagine that the spiritual journey and spiritual awakening we strive for happens in an exotic place or after a traumatic life event. It doesn’t have to be that way. Along the journey of spiritual awakening, you will encounter many people who are still “asleep” – recognize them and leave them to continue with their journey. It is not your responsibility to awaken them, they will learn in their own time – lead by example instead of trying to preach to others.

The spiritual journey is individual, highly personal. It isn’t true that everyone should follow one path. Listen to your own truth. You can connect with your spirituality in your comfort zone.

A spiritual awakening is a profound, transformative experience. It can be an awakening of the soul, a sudden realization that one’s life has purpose and meaning, or the experience of an ineffable union with something greater than oneself.

In order to achieve spiritual awakening, it’s important to perform self-reflection and reflection on the world around us. Whether it’s through meditation or journaling, achieving this sense of understanding and truth is the key to achieving true awareness.

We are in a spiritual era; more people are exploring their spirituality in many different ways. For example, there is great interest in mindfulness meditation programs that teach people how to focus their attention on breathing and other gentle practices that help them find peace within themselves.

In front of you are sentences that describe what happens to certain people in the phase of great change and spiritual awakening. These symptoms do not mean that everyone wakes up and works on themselves, so it is not intended as a consolation for sick people who are advised to consult their doctor if they have major health problems.

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We mostly imagine that the spiritual journey and spiritual awakening we strive for takes place in some exotic place or after some traumatic life event. However, it doesn’t have to be like that …

A spiritual awakening can be a frightening experience to go through, particularly in a society that discourages asking questions. Here are 6 tips on how to experience a spiritual awakening.

6 Tips of Spiritual Awakening

1. You’re questioning things you never used to.

You may start to question why you are expected to do or not do certain things. You might start to wonder why you have to find a job, get married, have children, or do anything else your parents expect you to do.

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Stay calm and try to have rational discussions with your parents and see if you can come to a conclusion that makes sense for you.

2. You’re experiencing dramatic highs and lows.

One day you might feel on top of the world and the next you might feel lower than you’ve ever been. This is a sign that you’re raising your vibration or elevating your consciousness.

This is a common symptom whilst experiencing an awakening and is a great sign to watch out for. Try to observe your mental state over time by keeping a journal.

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3. You don’t resonate with the people you used to.

You start to see people’s true intentions and understand why they behave the way they do. You may start to realize that friends you thought had your best interest at heart were actually using you for their own gain. Don’t judge them – recognize what their intentions are and distance yourself.

4. Your behavior is changing dramatically.

You may have once been the life and soul of the party and now you prefer to be alone. You may decide to stop consuming certain foods or drugs and you might break up with your current partner.

These behavioral changes occur because your perspective is shifting and you need time away from others who aren’t yet awake to integrate new experiences.

5. You’re seeking answers.

The stories you were once told don’t make sense anymore and you are now seeking more concrete answers.

Whether it be the origin of the universe, religion or where our food comes from – you want answers that make sense to you instead of the ones you’re presented with.

This thirst for knowledge will cause you to seek out knowledge and through this, you will develop your own truths about the world you live in.

6. Test Your Confidence

Be aware of what you believe in; Awareness of your beliefs. It is important for you to understand the power of the energy you pour into them and into your personal world as well as into the world around you.

Be honest with yourself and consider whether your beliefs support your spiritual development? Often spiritual awakening involves letting go of old beliefs that we have held on to all our lives; in order to wake up, we need to understand that we are sleeping.

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What Is Spiritual Awakening?

What is spiritual awakening? Spiritual awakening is cognition, without you even being aware of what, the moment when the need for knowledge arises, without you even knowing what.

Spiritual Awakening is something that has been happening since the beginning of time. It is the process of finding oneself and getting closer to their true self.

In order to understand spiritual awakening and what it means, we need to first understand what spirituality is.

Spirituality has always been an important part of human life. People have always looked for any reason or insight into how to live a more meaningful life without sacrificing their happiness, well-being, or personal goals.

Spiritual awakening is the awakening of the spiritual self, which is the true self that exists beyond physical and mental. It marks a period of time where a person starts to experience their true nature, which could be identified as spiritual.

If you are interested in spiritual awakening, you will enjoy this article because it discusses what spirituality means to people and how it can affect your life.

Spiritual awakening is the process of someone realizing and coming into contact with their spiritual self. It is characterized by a profound sense of well-being, immense clarity, release from fear and anxiety, and the experience of interconnectedness.

Spiritual awakening can be thought of as a deep acceptance of one’s inner self. This acceptance can manifest in many ways such as experiencing peace and love more often in life or simply feeling like everything that happens to you is for your own personal growth.

Spiritual awakening is the birth of a spiritual gene in the most hidden part of our hearts. Awakening is a transformation we go through as souls, it is a process of complete enlightenment of the Higher Being, a process that represents complete memory.

Feelings of complete confusion and a torrent of opposites, swirling in the body, a total change of mood unprovoked, enormous sadness and absolute happiness at the same time, bursts of intuition and inexplicable force flowing through your body.

Some click inside you without being able to locate it, however, you are aware that it has happened, you have heard it and felt it at the same time. It is as if everything has collapsed and you have felt everyone’s life and sorrow, pain, love, and happiness, everything that exists in the world in incomprehensibly strong intensity, in some comprehensive way, totally inexplicable, confusing, scary, and beautiful at the same moment. It is a spiritual awakening.

What is the meaning of spiritual awakening?

Spiritual awakening in people emphasizes doubts about old beliefs, priorities, and way of life in general. Then they start questioning their lives, habits, the people they spend time with, the work they do…

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They re-examine everything around them, aware that life is much more than that old saying “in yourself, on yourself, under yourself”.

They begin to ask themselves questions such as: ‘Why am I here, what is my purpose?’, Or ‘Why do those who are good suffer, while evil people live well?’. When it comes to spiritual awakening, people dive deeper into their soul, into their interior, and try to find the meaning of everything, the purpose. Many then turn to God or other divine beings. Spirituality becomes a priority.

To get to the levels when you start to wake up spiritually, you have to be ready for it, your subconscious has to be ready. At the beginning of the transformation you can feel restlessness, loss, pain…

But, after a while, when you overcome it, there comes a time of peace, tranquility, feelings of fulfillment, love, freedom and happiness.

Spiritual awakening can be activated by various circumstances at any period of your life. It can happen spontaneously, without any difficult event in your life, but the trigger can be various tragedies, traumas, stress…

Some also call spiritual awakening the ‘dark night of the soul’ because it is a period that is not at all easy, but when you go through it, you will feel peace. Some things in your life will crystallize, you will set new priorities, and slowly get rid of everything that fills you with negative energy.

You will find yourself in a situation where you may no longer have anything in common with some people you have been friends with until then or with the partner you live with. You can understand that you need a different type of work, a healthier diet, a quieter life more connected to nature…

With each new awakening, one soul remembers again, because what you are feeling now in your body are actually surfacing memories that your soul has experienced since it was created. Let’s wake up to remember who we are. Let’s wake up to break the circles of karma. Let’s wake up to finally live. Let’s wake up to understand the essence and ease of existence.

Let’s wake up to forgive ourselves and others. Let’s wake up to realize that everything around us is, in fact, within us. Let us wake up to change the world through our own change. Let’s wake up to understand who we are. Let us wake up to recognize ourselves in others and others in ourselves. Let’s wake up to reconnect.

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