The Seven Basic Chakras for Beginners And How to Open Them

CHAKRAS FOR BEGINNERS. In this article, we decided to share with you everything you need to know about chakras. How to open chakras for beginners? There are seven main and very important energy centers. Or chakras in our body that determine a person’s health. How to briefly define what are chakras for beginners?

How to open the seven chakras? Chakras are the energy centers on the body through which life energy flows. These are areas of the body with dense energy that rotates, moving up and down and in a circle like a disk. When these points are open, purified, and balanced, and energy flows through them without blockage, we are vital and healthy.

When they are blocked and closed and the energy stagnates, then there are feelings of heaviness in the chest, a feeling of fatigue, lethargy, blockage, anxiety, exhaustion, helplessness, etc. Blockage of the flow of life energy certainly leads to disease. It is extremely important to open, purify and balance all the chakras. It is not difficult to learn how to activate and balance them.

Opening your chakras for beginners. The chakras or energy centers are located on the main meridian, which begins at the root of the lumbar spine and ends at the top of the head. There are usually seven main chakras that are located in the middle of the body. So each subsequent chakra implies a higher level of existence. The more energy flows through the chakras, the healthier a person is.

Chakras for beginners. The chakras are energy centers of spiritual power located within the body. Becoming aware of your chakras can help you to relax, improve your health and reach your fullest potential. Each Chakra has its own powers that benefit you and you can do specific exercises to improve the flow of energy through that Chakra.

How to open chakras for beginners? You have probably had the opportunity to hear about the existence of energy centers called chakras by now. Each of them is in charge of a certain segment of our lives. If some of them are not open or do not work as they should, we face various problems. Below we will explain in detail the chakras for beginners. If you want, you can check the functionality of your chakras. Here is a list of 7 chakras for beginners.

What a Chakras for Beginners

1. Muladhara

The first or basic chakra (muladhara in Sanskrit) represents our connection with the material world. It creates a sense of security, connection and belonging to the environment in which we find ourselves.

Everything related to money, you never have enough of it, you have debts, an uncertain financial situation, all are the consequences of the first chakra. You do not feel satisfied in your body, you are constantly trying diets that do not work, your diet is incorrect. If it is closed, it creates conflicting family situations, misunderstanding, burden with family expectations and way of thinking, loss of sense of individuality.

The first chakra is red energy, spherically distributed at the base of your spine. Its element is the earth and it represents our sense of secure stability. To awaken its vibrations, bring as much red as possible into your everyday life.

Take advantage of this beautiful weather and go to nature. Sit on the ground, undress and play barefoot on the grass. You can get up and jump if you like. This will revive your connection with the earth and trigger the energy of the first chakra.

Running, playing with children, competitive sports and yoga are very good for the work of this chakra. Use your senses as much as possible. If you are not at home, you can go to the market and smell flowers or herbs in a pot, which is very good for this chakra. Everything that inspires you to be in direct contact with nature will benefit you. Do it as often as possible, relax and enjoy.

This is the basic energy point that supports our entire physical body. Through her we are connected to Mother Earth. As the work of these chakras is controlled by the adrenal glands, irregularities lead to diseases of the kidneys, bladder, problems in the lower back, hips and lower part of the body. The closure of this chakra is manifested on a mental level through feelings of fear, insecurity, weakness, etc.

2. Svadhisthana

The second or sacral chakra (svadistana in Sanskrit) represents our ability to enjoy material things. If you want good sex and fully enjoy it, then dedicate yourself to this chakra.

This is a place of our enjoyment of food and drink, the desire to please ourselves in the things we love and to feel special. If this chakra is not completely open, addictions to food, alcohol, drugs, sex can develop. It may happen that you feel unloved, you punish yourself if things do not go as you planned, you have the impression that you are not sexually attractive, that you do not deserve to be happy. All these are the consequences of a closed second chakra.

If you want to enjoy life freely, without tying yourself to the feeling of satisfaction from material things, then you need a strong and open second chakra.

This chakra is in the shape of an orange disk placed in the area of ​​the navel. Its element is water and it represents your fluidity. That is why the best exercise for this chakra is stretching. Never force yourself to stretch more than your body wants at that moment, this can only harm you. Swimming, massages, long hot showers, cycling by the river, sleeping in the afternoon, preparing the food you love, and of course, tantric sex are very good for strengthening the other chakra.

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The second chakra is located a few inches below the navel. It is associated with sexuality and emotions, it represents the power of creation. It is physically related to the health of the reproductive organs and the urinary system. If it is blocked, the person is without passion and desire, and lives in dissatisfaction, envy, jealousy.

3. Manipura

The third chakra, the solar plexus (solar plexus, manipulation in Sanskrit) is the energy that defines your relationship with yourself, your personal powers and values, self-confidence, and your self-image. The best example of a healthy third chakra is Donald Trump. If you always believe that you can achieve what you want, in a way that suits you, then your third chakra is healthy and open.

However, if you perceive yourself as a victim forced to fit into the frameworks that others define, then this chakra is very weak for you. In such situations, people often unconsciously give their energy to others to decide for them. These are situations where you accept other people as authorities.

If you care about what others think of you, you are afraid to take risks, you doubt yourself, you are attached to dramatic situations, you are easily offended, you have a constant mental conflict with yourself, then your third chakra is closed. Nerves that come due to pain in the stomach, in the area of ​​the stomach, occur due to the lack of energy in this chakra and its closure.

The third chakra is in the shape of the incandescent yellow sun, located below the chest in the area of ​​the stomach. Wearing a yellow wardrobe or observing objects of this color will strengthen this chakra.

Take ice cubes and throw them with all your might on a solid surface or shout loudly, as loud as you can. If this is a little inappropriate for you, then you can take paper bags or boxes and tear them. In this way, the tension in the solar plexus is released. The element of this chakra is fire. If you have the opportunity to hike and camp somewhere where you will be able to light a fire, it is fantastic to open the third chakra.

Lying in the sun helps to open this chakra. Sit still and sunbathe, breathe relaxed in the same rhythm. Set yourself challenges such as running a marathon. Feel the power you have within you by overcoming certain obstacles. Show yourself that you can do complicated, difficult things. Stop talking about your difficulties and experience them as challenges you want to overcome.

The third chakra of the solar plexus is located in the peride of the stomach. It has an effect on the work of the digestive tract, liver, spleen, pancreas, bile, etc. As it is located in the central part of the human body, it is like our central source of energy.

It not only collects but also spreads energy throughout our being. When it is open and balanced we feel powerful, energized, and centered, we feel our purpose. Lack of self-esteem is a clear indicator of the closedness of this point.

4. Anahata

The fourth or chakra of the heart (Anahata in Sanskrit) is your energy heart. This is the center from which you give and receive love, understanding, acceptance, and forgiveness. Unlike the previous three chakras that are related to our physical existence, the fourth begins the manifestation of our spirituality.

The fourth, heart chakra, as its name suggests, is located in the area of the heart, in the middle of the chest. It connects and balances the energies of other centers. It unites the masculine and feminine energy within us. She is the center of love and brings peace. It is related to the physical health of the heart, respiratory and immune systems.

If you want to check the condition of your fourth chakra. Ask yourself how you feel about others and whether you believe that you are worthy of love as you are now. They say that this is the place where our wishes when we sincerely wish them, come true. If you are disappointed in love, you have a problem getting rid of attachment to unpleasant emotional experiences. If you do not believe that you are worthy of love, you are jealous of others and envy them, then this chakra is closed to you.

Because of this, you may be afraid of emotional attachment or think that you need to please others in order to be loved. It is very important that this chakra is open to you. If you want to have a happy and healthy relationship with yourself and others. This is a place where you can exceed all your expectations and attachment to the ego. They say that just as the sun removes darkness, so love removes the ego.

This chakra is green in color and is located in the middle of the chest at the level of the heart. Its element is air. If you want to strengthen your heart chakra, massage your hand. Say to yourself I love you while standing in front of the mirror. Share with people what you love, it could be a piece of cake or something else, you design. Take your photos when you were younger and try to look at them with love and compassion.

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5. Vishuddha

The fifth or chakra of the throat (Vishuddha in Sanskrit) is the center of communication and creative creation. Your ability and freedom to express yourself verbally. When we are children, we have no problem saying what we think out loud and clear, but when we grow up, for various reasons, we begin to keep our truth to ourselves.

This is happening because of the blockades that we make in this center with different beliefs. Do you happen to choke on your words, to have trouble saying what you want? For good communication, it is not only important to tell your truth, but also to have the ability to listen to your interlocutor. Talking indefinitely without saying anything as well as resorting to lies are the consequences of blocked fifth chakras.

If you have throat problems, a dry cough, your thyroid gland is not functioning properly or you have panic attacks, these are signs that your chakra does not have enough energy and is closed.

The fifth chakra is a light blue ball-shaped energy located in your throat. Its element is sound. A very functional way to strengthen it is to sing out loud. Find one of your favorite songs and sing loudly and freely every morning when you wake up.

Another good exercise is to write a letter with a dominant hand in which you address yourself as a child. Write down what you think of yourself from this perspective in relation to the way you communicate. Now try to answer with your non-dominant hand as honestly as you can from the angle of the child in you. This may seem naive to you, but believe me, it makes sense.

The fifth, neck chakra is located in the neck, at the level of the third vertebra. The location of this center indicates its role: it allows us to express what we want and feel, communicate with the environment, and express ourselves and our creativity. Disorder in the work of this chakra is manifested by difficulty in expressing something, shyness, but also the opposite – excessive talkativeness or predominant tone.

6. Bindu Visarga

The sixth chakra, the third eye (Bindu Visarga in Sanskrit) is the center of your intuition. That allows you to understand the deeper meaning of everything that happens to you. If you have a fear of the future, you wonder what the meaning of your existence is. You have negative thoughts or you doubt your decisions then this center is closed to you. It is easier for you to trust others than yourself, you are constantly doing something and you cannot sit still, you easily lose concentration. All this happens when the sixth chakra is not open to you.

The third eye is an indigo (dark blue) energy center located between the eyebrows in the extension of the spine. Its element is light, which symbolically represents its function in our body. If you want to open this energy center then you can sit comfortably, close your eyes and breathe slowly.

When you inhale, with your eyes closed, look vertically upwards, exhale and return your eyes to the starting position. Inhale again and look to the right, exhale and return your eyes as at the beginning. This way, keep moving your eyes clockwise.

If this is hard for you, you can close your eyes and look between your eyebrows for a few moments during the day when you remember. In general, eye exercises are very good for strengthening the sixth chakra. Drawing, painting, color therapy and watching the sunrise and sunset are very effective in strengthening this center.

Sixth, forehead chakra or so-called. the third eye is located in the middle of the forehead. Through this chakra we see, both externally and internally. This is the center of wisdom that affects the ability to visualize, intuition.

When we say “What your thoughts are, such is your life”, “You are what you think”, it is this chakra that channels that energy that materializes our thoughts. It is important to open and balance the energies at the point of the third eye because then our intellect is balanced, we are imaginative, open to new ideas, we feel spiritual connection, healing energy, etc.

Blockage of this chakra is manifested through migraines, problems with the sinuses, eyes, poor memory, etc. Too much energy, on the other hand, leads to a loss of connection with reality and even an abuse of one’s intellectual power. Therefore, it is very important for this chakra, as well as for all others, to be not only open, but also properly balanced.

7. Sahasrara

The seventh chakra, the crown (Sahasrara in Sanskrit) is the center of our spirituality and ability to experience the world as an energy system. At its core is our spiritual communication with the world around us. If you have a problem believing in something that is above and more comprehensive than our physical existence, then this center is closed to you. Unlike other chakras this energy center is a little harder to explain.

It is completely tied to the abstract, energetic dimension of our existence and is sensually difficult to represent. Lack of faith, negative judgment, low self-confidence, the fact that you feel unprotected and get offended quickly are just some of the consequences of a closed seventh chakra. Unless you have a sense of belonging to something bigger and more important than yourself then it is very difficult to understand this chakra.

The seventh chakra is located on the crown and is represented by a purple light that has the shape of a crown. Its elements are thoughts and it manifests itself that way. If your thoughts are positive and turned towards your spirituality, truth, higher form of existence then the vibration of this chakra is strong.

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If you are not sure what the meaning of your existence is, what it is that you should do during this life, this is a very good exercise. Take a piece of paper and think about what you think is the essence of your existence. Mechanically write down everything that comes to your mind. This exercise will help you strengthen your seventh chakra. There will probably be a lot of unimportant things, but also something that will give you direction for further thinking.

The seventh, crown chakra is located just above the top of the head. Through this point we are connected with the divine, it is our connection with the purpose and meaning of life. Through it, we are connected to the universe, to our higher selves and to all other beings on the planet. It is the chakra of spirituality, awareness and self-knowledge.

Chakras for Beginners

In short, what are chakras for beginners? When you get better acquainted with these energy centers. You will understand how your body functions and it will be easier for you to change certain behaviors that stop you from being happy and satisfied.

To clarify what are chakras for beginners and how to balance them. Chakras can be balanced in several ways, and the best methods are meditation, visualization, yoga, color therapy, music, use of crystals and precious stones, positive thinking, reiki, and aromatherapy.

Before you decide on, for example, meditation, it is important to know which color symbolizes the chakra you want to act on. After that, sit comfortably, cross your legs and sit upright. Rub palm to palm until warm, then separate them five to eight inches apart. Feel the energy flowing between them and imagine how it spreads.

Keep your palms facing each other in front of you. Then close your eyes and surround yourself in your mind with the color of exactly the chakra you want to act on. So, if you have a throat problem, focus all your energy on the neck area and imagine a light blue color around you.

What are chakras for beginners? They could be said to be cosmic energy transformers. Chakra for beginners explains how to harmonize your energy on many levels and achieve balance from within. In everyday conditions, you will learn how the seven body-spiritual energy vortices called chakras work.

What are Chakras for Beginners?

What are chakras for beginners? The life force moves through a series of energy centers in the body, called the CHAKRAS. Eastern spiritual tradition teaches that we all have seven energy centers in the body, arranged in a pillar from the groin to the crown. They are secret because under normal conditions we cannot see or discover them. They are called chakras, which literally means – a wheel that rotates.

Opening your chakras for beginners. Chakras affect our physical body through the seven glands of the endocrine system. These glands, which are also distributed from the groin to the head, regulate the circulation of vital hormones. According to Eastern teachings, life energy moves through the chakras and is transmitted to the body through the endocrine system.

In a healthy person, all seven chakras rotate very quickly, working in unison, moving the life force upwards, from the groin to the head. Each chakra represents a different fundamental problem. Imbalance in the work of the chakras can lead to a number of problems in the proper functioning of the organism.

We all have an inner world and there is no need to doubt that. Understanding chakras for beginners is one of the most effective ways to reach the different levels of consciousness available to us. The chakras open the way for us to identify the type of energy we experience as an experience.

In Eastern medicine and philosophy, which discovered long before the West that “everything is energy”. Chakras or energy centers have been established and recognized for thousands of years. Today they are increasingly respected in Western culture.

How to Open Chakras for Beginners

How do we open chakras for beginners? Opening the chakras is actually very simple, concentration and visualization are essential. The simplest exercise to open some chakras is to sit in a comfortable position, with your back straight. Close your eyes, imagine a particular chakra, and visualize how its front rotates clockwise, its back also rotates clockwise, but rotates counterclockwise relative to each other.

I may have confused you, but imagine it this way: if someone is watching you from the front, he sees your front chakra rotating clockwise. If he is watching you from behind he sees your back chakra also clockwise. But if you visualize it, you will realize that they are rotating in opposite directions when viewed from the side.

When the chakra begins to open you will feel various sensations in that area, pleasant feelings, which will increase over time. When you open all the chakras you will be overwhelmed by a feeling of happiness and well-being. Keep in mind that most people keep their chakras closed, ie blocked, and that you will need time for the chakras to open completely.

Feel free to exercise every day, whenever the opportunity arises. Find a place that is calm, so that no one bothers you, try to meditate and visualize the energy that enters and leaves your body. Very soon you will begin to notice results that will improve your quality of life, bring you closer to happiness and the realization of your true self.

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