23 Powerful Positive Affirmations for Stress and Calm

We decided to share with you amazing positive affirmations for stress. These affirmations are sentences that sow the seeds of optimism in us and help us change our beliefs. Use these powerful affirmations to release stress.

Positive affirmations have been shown to help our mental state. If you’re a supporter of them, you probably already know that, and if you’re skeptical, maybe try them right now? Anything positive that we include in our morning routine can benefit us and so can affirmations.

They will make it easier for you to come up with more positive thoughts or just calm down. You can write them on a mirror in the bathroom, in your cell phone or diary, or simply memorize them and include them in your morning or bedtime meditation. Fear and negative thinking affect health just as badly as any other negative factor. So here are the ones you can start with right now:

It is very important to use positive tools to preserve optimism, faith, and positive energy. One of those magical tools that work fantastically on our consciousness is certainly positive affirmations for stress relief.

No matter what aggravates you, remember it is just a thought and you can let it go. Deepak Chopra

It’s okay to need a break. It’s okay not to be the busiest one. You don’t have to overwork yourself to have worth. You are enough no matter what you have accomplished today. Use these powerful 23 positive affirmations to release stress fast. Here is how to keep your mind calm and stress-free. These relaxed affirmations will help. These positive affirmations for stress are very powerful. They can help us reprogram our subconscious and get rid of stress.

23 Positive Affirmations For Stress

1.) I’m done getting angry over things I can’t control.

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2.) I’m going to control what I can and I’m not going to lose peace of mind over what I can’t.

3.) Everything is exactly as it should be.

4.) Here is exactly where I am supposed to be.

5.) I cannot control the thoughts, beliefs, or actions of anyone but myself.

6.) Whatever I choose to focus on will grow.

7.) Life is happening for me, not to me.

8.) I will calm down and clear my head. This situation is stressful but it still is solvable.

9.) I will breathe, I will be patient and I will figure things out.

10.) I will not let these stressful moments break my faith. I will make it through this.

11.) I promise to maintain daily routines of love and care for myself even when times are stressful.

12.) Slow. Deep breaths. I’m going to be patient and outlast these moments of panic.

13.) My reward for enduring through pressure is an increase in strength. I will endure patiently because I know stress is only temporary.

14.) I’m done assuming the worst. I’m going to look at the situation for what it is.

15.) This problem has a solution and it will be taken care of. No need to stress myself sick over this situation.

16.) There is something positive even in the worst situations. I’m going to keep an open mind and remain hopeful.

17.) The structure of my daily routine is my protection from outside stressors when adversity arises.

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18.) As I continue to build my skill set, I know that I will be able to survive in any economy.

19.) I am a value creator. I will be able to take care of my family and me. Money problems won’t break us.

20.) There isn’t a problem that I can’t figure out. If I need help I’ll ask for it.

21.) If I can’t find an opportunity I have to either be patient and look harder or I have to go out and create my own.

22.) I’m a human being. It’s okay to make mistakes. I have to stop being so hard on myself.

23.) I will get enough sleep, eat enough food, and drink enough water.

We hope this small  list of 23 relax affirmations will help you to keep your mind calm and stress free. Stress relief affirmations have helped many people.