Why You Should Listen to Your Inner Voice

Why you should listen to your inner voice? Your inner voice will help you fully discern your wisdom, guidance, and direction.

I am a firm believer that you can learn about anything you choose to learn by listening to your inner voice. This is true, whether you are trying to decide whether to stay at home, buy a house, travel the world, study, or do any other activity.

Your inner voice does not exist to hinder you from experiencing the fullness of life and realizing your dreams.

Rather, it’s here to teach you what it means to grow, to learn, to listen to your true inner wisdom. Your inner voice will help you to learn more about yourself and where you are at this very moment in your life. In our modern era, we are often bombarded with information, messages, and inputs from all directions.

What is your Inner Voice?

Most people can recognize what their “inner voice” is telling them. It may be a silent voice inside you, a steady whispering or gut feeling, or a loud voice you’ve consciously noticed from time to time. And while a voice within you is important, what you do with that voice is far more important.

You can hear, see, feel, smell, and even taste your inner voice. It is typically a more soft, subtle, or subtle voice, as opposed to a voice that is more vociferous, audible, or raucous. Have you ever been convinced of something that didn’t seem to make sense based on your experiences, and yet, at the same time, the information seemed to fit in with everything else you knew? For example, you had been told from childhood that the sun would come out.

Your inner voice is a divine guide that communicates with you from a place beyond time, space, and logic. To quote the Dalai Lama, it’s a “conversation” with God. You won’t be able to hear your inner voice unless you are able to tune in to the same frequency as the soul you share with the divine.

How to hear your inner voice The first step to hearing your inner voice is to be willing to take an honest look at what is most important to you.

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What’s most important to you now is the most important thing. The goal of listening to your inner voice is to create a vibration that aligns with your deepest desires.

Where your attention goes will now determine the frequency you create and resonate with. Once you identify your highest desire, tune in to the frequency of that vibration.

Why we should listen to the inner voice

Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” People often try to determine what they need and make determinations about their lives.

We often do this because we want to avoid uncertainty and fear and we don’t want to miss out on what could be. This is an understandable response, but it’s also shallow and self-defeating. When we’re trying to decide our lives, it’s usually because something is wrong with the way that we’re living them.

We’re looking for direction or a solution to an obstacle we have in our lives. But our problems with not living are not with the unknown or with the things we can’t control. Our problems are with the things that we think we can control.

How does your Inner voice work?

How to listen to your inner voice? Your inner voice reveals your relationship with your highest purpose. It is your sense of what’s important, your purpose in life, and the way to be happy. It is your intuition, the knowing. Your inner voice points out and makes visible the things that need to be done and the relationships that need to be nurtured. As a person, it is your voice and your wisdom, the inner guide and teacher.

Are you listening to your inner voice? Our beliefs influence our thoughts. This is the system that allows us to set our goals and pursue them consistently. Your inner voice influences your body and mind and how you move through life. When your inner voice is suppressed or does not serve the purpose that it was created for, you end up in your own way and become very unhappy.

Search for your inner voice

You know, we need to listen to our inner voice as we are building our practice. We need to listen to it to know if what we are doing is right. We have to listen to it to know if we are making progress towards our goals. We need to listen to it to know how to respond to situations. We need to listen to it as we navigate through our own emotions, feelings, or challenges.

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Listening to your inner voice also helps us develop intuition and common sense. If we think something through and try to give rational answers to our questions, we can come up with reasons and rational reasons to believe that we are right. Listening to our feelings, responding to our emotions, and responding to our thoughts is the only way that we can make choices and get our own way without making foolish decisions.

What To Do When You Hear Inner Voices

Should you listen to your inner voice? This book will teach you why you should, as well as teach you what to do when you do. Most important, you will learn to recognize these distinct voices and then discern the meaning that they communicate. NOBODY IS EXPERIENCING THE UNIVERSE THE SAME WAY. Every human is unique in the way they perceive their world.

And as such, they hear sounds, and images, and ideas that differ from their companion. Your journey through the human experience is unique, and yours alone. Your voice of the mind is unique to you. Having a strong, clear, and self-aware inner voice is the key to personal clarity and success. Your inner voice will give you guidance and clarity on what you want to achieve and what you want to avoid.

The Inner Voice in our journey of life

Your soul does not just sit dormant. No matter how beautiful your life might be, if you are not listening to your inner guidance and living with integrity if you are being consistently selfish and not communally responsible, then you are actually living a life of lack. Your voice may not seem to say much. You may think it’s nonsense.

Perhaps you have trouble believing in it. It may seem completely illogical. And yet, I can assure you, when your inner voice speaks to you, it is 100 percent from the heart. It comes from the very core of your being. You cannot ignore it, you cannot ignore your intuition, and you cannot ignore the divine plan that is before you in the form of the Divine Planner. The Divine Planner is a plan. It’s not a choice. It’s not a game.


There is no doubt that your business is going to change in an instant. How you go about your business must change along with it. It’s in your power to make informed decisions as it pertains to what is best for your business today and tomorrow. At the end of the day, the most important thing to remember is that you need to listen to yourself.

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Every person on the planet has some form of knowledge and wisdom. In addition to the billions who are self-aware enough to know this, billions more have had experiences that have taught them the importance of following your own internal guidance and not listening to the voices of the crowd, family, friends, etc.

However, it’s not your family or friends, or the masses that will give you the opportunity to experience your full potentials. It’s only you. In the end, we are all alone on this beautiful planet. And just like everyone else, you have an innate ability to find your own truth. If you don’t believe you have the innate ability to follow your own inner guidance, you will never discover your true passions and purpose.

The more we listen to our inner voice, the more we consciously become aware that we are much more than our body and brain. We are multi-dimensional beings existing with other multi-dimensional beings within a multi-dimensional universe where we are all connected to one another.

The more we tune into our inner voice, the more we begin to know ourselves on a deep level. On a deep level, we know our whole being and answer to no one but our own inner guidance. On that same level, we allow ourselves to be guided by the voice of the world.

Inner guidance is what makes us ourselves and when we listen to this voice, we feel at peace and happy. When we listen to the world, we can sometimes feel confused by all of the conflicting information which tends to lead us into a state of confusion instead of a state of happiness and peace.

You don’t have to know exactly what you want to be or do in order to move in a positive direction. You just need to trust your inner voice and follow that path without distraction. Positive feedback from others is great, but the key is to remember that you are in charge of your own destiny. You can attract good people, good things, and good experiences into your life by simply following your own path and not letting the fears and ideals of others detour you.

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