Law of Attraction Success Planner

Law of Attraction Success Planner

Law of Attraction Success Planner – The essence of the law of attraction is also in skipping the usual order of causation, which first provides the cause for the consequence, the first means, and the goal.

Here, we are first attaining the goal, and the causes and circumstances that lead to the goal will be attracted to ourselves, our pursuit of the goal. It is this “attraction” in this “attraction law”: we do not attract the goal, but by keeping it to the goal we attract all that our goal will achieve.

We should never first seek the means to achieve the goal. We must always stick to the goal as if it had already been achieved, and if this goal is worthy and appropriate to us (fantasies and stupidity cannot be achieved naturally), and we are worthy of it, only this posture will attract all circumstances and means.

Which are needed to achieve the goal. These funds will never come to us as we have imagined, but always in a unique way in accordance with real-life circumstances, our way of life, and the temptations that we must master so as to be worthy of our goals.

Therefore, we must always be ready to accept them as they appear and do. Only in this way will they be able to achieve our goal.

It is difficult to understand this and to apply it correctly, because there is always something that disturbs us at the present moment, and the mind is always crucified on the cross of time, is projected with desire in the future, adhering to the trauma of the past, avoiding the unpleasant present.

A little meditation should be carried out for about ten minutes a day.

Leaving aside all the problems that are bothering us here and now, and singing out something we love, why we are grateful and in what we enjoy, even in the smallest, a thing, a person, a relationship, or a situation.

Just to enjoy gratitude as if it is only important and sufficient for the whole of life, these ten minutes.

Gradually increase the number of minutes and things we are grateful and enjoy.

It will not be necessary to increase the list much since we will enjoy the enjoyment of here and nowadays today, which will be more enjoyable in the future here and now.

So the current moment is working.

Finally, the essence of the law of attraction is in relation to the present moment. The present moment is the only reality and the basis of attraction.

If we truly love and enjoy the present moment, then we will attract more of what we will love and enjoy in the future. If we hate the present moment for anything, and that’s why we have the desire to change the present moment so that in the future it would be better, then we will automatically attract more that we will hate.

And the next moment something will bother us and we want to change it again in the future. It always attracts itself – the one that is here and now.

The basic precondition for the success of attracting or achieving the goal is to first remove the negative elements from our subconscious mind – because they are the cause of our state that we want to change.

So we attract nothing in vain if we do not first remove what led us to the situation that we want to change.

We do not need anything else to do, by the very act of raising something we put it under control. Only such a meditation deals with the mind itself as such in its entirety and its transcendence.

All other meditation practices deal with the manipulations of the mind itself. Or with some of the contents of the mind, and do not bring about the realization of transcendence.