12 Simple Signs How to Identify Your Soulmate Fast

We decided to share with you how to identify your soulmate. And how can you identify your soulmate? Here 12 simple steps. There is a belief that when a person dies, his or her soul breaks into many small pieces.

These pieces randomly merge with the parts of many other souls, forming new souls and new people. These are signs that you have found a soulmate.

You’ll never forget a soulmate, a first love, a twin flame, no matter how hard you try to. They’re etched in your bones, buried in your skin, burning in your chest, always. It’s the type of love that leaves something permanent in you, something you’ll never shake.

People say that when you meet your soulmate you see a flash of the future with them, there are no marks, strings, tattoos, no great big sign saying “soulmate here”. You could meet them anywhere, and in some cases never meet them at all. Here are 12 signs on how to identify your soulmate:

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12 Signs How to Identify Your Soulmate

When you incarnate with your twin flame in this lifetime, something special happens between each other and they can feel the deep of the connection, especially when you look in the eyes of your twin, the feeling in their hearts is very intensive and you’ll feel a quickening.

Since this special meeting with your twin flame, your whole life changes completely and you begin to deepen the connection between your spirituality, your soul and your body.

Trough this spiritual awakening you will be able to develop a more lovable view to everyone and all that is.

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When you begin to trust your self and the whole journey, you will realize that you are apart from each other, all the time and how much synchronizations are happening between both of you simultaneously.

That’s the moment when you know that you are always connected through your chakras and the 12 dimensions of consciousness – Separation is Illusion!

Have Faith and stay in trust, so you are able to receive more and more signs and syncronitys. Here are 12 signs how to identify your soulmate:

1. Flash of Recognition

Your attraction to your soulmate is continuously reinforced by their mannerisms (how they smile or laugh), by their habits (what they do and have always done), by their presence (how they feel to be around). These flashes of recognition send constant hooks of love into your mind-heart.


2. Only Love Endures

Your (mutual) attraction happens because you experienced a deep love for past lives soulmates of yours. The deep love comes from countless lifetimes as spouses, lovers, family, friends, and enemies. When you have loved another for literally thousands of years that love is never lost.

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3. Pull of love

You feel the pull of past life love when you are near your soulmate. This pull inspires you to want to touch your soulmate (hold hands, kiss, caress, and hug) often. When you are apart, you find yourself always thinking about your soulmate (wondering how they are doing and wishing them well).


4. Always on your mind

You feel the pull of past life love, especially in the beginning, because your soulmate is always on your mind. They are the first thing you think of in the morning and the last thing at night. When you are parted from them, all the fond memories of the time you spent together fill your mind.

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5. Buried Deep in Your Heart

The pull of past life love feels like your soulmate is buried in your heart. You carry them with you all the time. When you are parted from them, you feel a warm glow. At times, you even feel what they are feeling. This is how your soulmate comes to feel like they are a part of you.


6. Attention high and low

You feel happy when you are near to your soulmate, when they are kind to you, and when they return your love. Similarly, it causes you to feel unusually sad when you are separated from your soulmate, when they are unkind to you, and when they fail to return your love.


7. Protective Instincts

Attraction to your soulmate manifests more powerfully as protective instincts. The physical well being-welfare of your soulmate is as important to you as your own and there is little you would not do for one another no matter what the cost in time, energy, effort or money.


8. Deeper still

You will wonder why you are willing to put up with so much from your past life soulmate. Yet, as the past love is so strong, whatever they do or say (or fail to do or say) more love bubbles up and refills your heart. Whatever happens, you find that your love for your soulmate is always deeper still.


9. Instant Attraction

When you first meet someone you have known well from past lives, you know instantly that they are someone who is special to you. When you are around them, you experience a sense of familiarity and you are automatically comfortable with them. They feel like home or family to you.


10. You Connect immediately Without any Effort

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You may have met through a mutual friend. Maybe you ran into each other in the park. Maybe you looked at the bar. Anyway, when you finally met and said hello, there was an energy charge.

There was a deep and intense connection through body language. For some couples, that feeling fades with time, but with your soulmate, it gets more intense over time.

Enjoy this, because it’s not something anyone can have!


11. Your level of communication is unmatched

The success of any long-term relationship can be attributed to the ability to communicate not only clearly but authentically. This communication is real, nothing is hidden and it is clear that there is no lying. There’s nothing to hide. This leaves you open and vulnerable with your partner. Sometimes it takes practice, but soulmates have this type of communication. It is important for soul mates to express their needs and to know that communication comes in many different forms.

12. You feel like you’ve known each other forever

A soulmate is a person defined as a person who shares a part of your soul, so chances are you have actually known them in a past life. So that extremely familiar feeling makes sense. You should recognize them in the crowd. Yet you have one part of their soul within you. You simply understand! This is not something that can be so easily described. But there’s something between the two of you that just clicks. You understand what they think and feel.