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160 Daily Positive Affirmations You Should Tell Yourself

Saying daily positive affirmations may seem a bit silly. It may sound like you’re fooling yourself, that’s what people of the modern age say. We can’t ignore the fact that daily positive affirmations have helped many people. Here are 160 daily positive affirmations. But no matter how you sounded, positive affirmations that you speak for yourself, I can bring a lot of good in life.

What are the Positive affirmations? Daily positive affirmations are positive statements on something that is already happening. They are a very effective form of self-talk.

Which, when used on a regular basis, can help us become more powerful, self-confident, and peaceful. Our subconscious mind believes in everything we say and think, regardless of whether our conscious mind believes it or not.

When we fill ourselves with positive affirmations, we see significant improvements in our health, attitude, our results, and much, much more. We might not be able to control all life’s twists and turns but we can choose to love ourselves in the midst of it.

Please don’t let others make you feel like you’re weird or unlikeable. Everybody has different personalities and people they get along with, one person might not appreciate/get you, but another person will. In the meantime you don’t have to change the way you talk, the things you like, how you dress, just to appease someone.

Shout out to everybody who’s trying to get their life together. Working on yourself is the hardest part of life. The rest comes after. Let your heart remind you that you deserve good things, even when your brain has you convinced that you don’t.

You’ve been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try accepting yourself and see what happens. —  Louise Hay

Repeat affirmations daily and you will change your life. Here is the list of 160 powerful daily positive affirmations, that will change your life fast!

160 Daily Positive Affirmations:

1.) Love fills my heart, my body, my mind, my whole being and radiates from me in all directions and returns to me multiplied.

2.) Now I allow this love to comes to the surface.

3.) Deep in the center of my being there is an infinite source of love.

4.) I enjoy the fact that I’m me!

5.) I am happy with myself. I’m relaxed and enjoying life.

6.) My strength and peace, protect me from external pressures. I define what is a success in their own words and thoughts.

7.) I believe that there is a plan in my life, even if it has yet to become aware.

8.) I define what is a success in their own words and thoughts.

9.) I am grateful for the opportunity I was given. My attitude reflects my happiness.

10.) I’m right where I want to be in life.

11.) My skin is clean, soft and healthy

12.) The cells of my body know how to heal and be healthy again

13.) I am free of worry and am at peace with who I am.

14.) I am beautiful in any form i take or show.

15.) My body heals quickly

16.) My spine is healthy and elastic

17.) I am loved by all the people in my life.

18.) My muscles are high quality built

19.) My vision was again perfect and lenses and glasses are not needed me

20.) In the body of oxygen as much as I enter my body is enough for optimal development

21.) I am strong and i can get through anything that comes my way.

22.) Whatever I eat or drink my body uses only the most useful materials for optimal development

23.) I am patient with myself and the ones in my life. I know that growth and healing take time.

24.) My hair is thick and quality

25.) My body is vital

26.)  am smart and extremely capable.

27.) I attract people who desire the same things in life as I do.

28.) I have nothing to prove to anyone. I am fully committed to achieving my goals.

29.) I accept the blessed, peaceful, and joyous flow of abundant divine, living love.

30.) I deserve the very best in my life.

31.) As long as I continue to think good things about me, I’ll be able to move forward.

32.) I earn money by dealing with things that fulfill me completely

33.) I am a magnet for money

34.) I am going to be successful in reaching all of my goals.

35.) I’m thinking like a millionaire

36.) I am whole all by myself.

37.) Everything will work out for me.

38.) I’m rich.

39.) Money comes to me in various ways

40.) There is nobody better to get the job done than me.

41.) I deserve to love myself by taking care of myself.

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42.) The tools I need to succeed are in my possession.

43.) I find the best solution in all situations

44.) My knowledge is ideally organized

45.) I have all I need to make today a great day. I inhale confidence and exhale fear

46.) I have an excellent memory

47.) I have faith in the future. Everything I’m going through is a challenge that I will make it through. I am someone. I matter. I have worth. I will not give up. I will make it through these dark times.

58.) I have a strong intuition

49.) I use my intuition in the best possible way

50.) I embrace my individuality. I believe in myself completely.

51.) I decide whether I’m good enough for this world.

52.) My mind is a powerful

53.) I can clearly visualize all mine desires and goals

54.) I’m programmed to think positive.

55.) I am powerful and undefeated. I make the best of any situation.

56.) Everything I touch is a success.

57.) Today, I will be positive. Obstacles are merely challenges to overcome.

58.) I deserve the best.

59.) I am enough.

60.) I am worthy.

61.) I lovingly forgive myself. I am free.

62.) I am deserving of an amazing life.

63.) My life is changing for the better.

64.) I am a magnet. I attract love, health, happiness, wisdom, and wealth from the universe.

65.) Every day and in every way, I keep getting better and better.

66.) I am good. I am better than good. I am the best.

57.) I choose love over fear.

58.) I make every second of my life sacred.

59.) I radiate love and happiness.

60.) I am happy to see other people enjoying prosperity. It is a mirror of my own rich abundance.

61.) God grant me a mind free of worry, a heart free of sadness, and a body free of sickness.

62.) Wealth is pouring into my life.

63.) The past influences today and my future days only in positive ways!

64.) When one door closes, another one opens. I always have access to the One Infinite Source.

65.) All is well. Everything I need comes to me at the perfect moment.

66.) Life is very simple. What I give out comes back to me. Today I choose to give love.

67.) I lovingly forgive myself. I am free.

68.) Everything I touch is a success.

69.) I allow myself to ask for and imagine all that I desire with no thought of how it will come to me.

70.) I am a runner and I always finish the race.

71.) Communication is a song of love. Loving communication is one of the happiest and most powerful experiences for people.

72.) The people in my life are really mirrors of me. This affords me the opportunity to grow and change.

73.) I am now changing myself, my thinking, and my life for the better.

74.) Ideas come to me revealing a channel for peace and prosperity.

75.) Today, I am inspired and inspiring. The winds of change have picked me up. I am lifted up to new experiences and challenges.

76.) I understand that my thinking creates my experience and I now choose to use this positively in all areas of my life.

77.) I am always learning new things.

78.) Things are moving me forward, I find them everywhere!

79.) I have the power to change the course of my life.

80.) I trust in the power that created me to protect me at all times and under all circumstances.

81.) I choose to release the past and live in the now.

82.) I am committed to my goals and my success is assured

83.) I open my heart to all of the beings on the planet.

84.) I’m a direct descendant from awesomeness.

85.) I will check in on my friends. I will encourage them and let them know they aren’t alone. We will support each other.

86.) I like change because it makes me grow and become stronger.

87.) I achieve financial abundance without compromising my integrity

88.) I love what I do, I love making a difference and to know that what I do is making a difference.

89.) All of my dreams are coming true

90.) I deserve love, success, and happiness.

91.) I have the power to do the most incredible things.

92.) I meditate each day. Going within helps alleviate tension and stress and allows me to hear what the Universe wants me to know.

93.) My income is constantly increasing.

94.) I am worthy of great love

95.) I am free to be myself.

96.) I can accomplish anything I set my mind on

97.) I will remain confident and unaffected by negative attitudes around me

98.) I am a friendship magnet. I attract positive, loving friends with a sense of humor.

99.) I radiate confidence and grace wherever I go.

100.) I possess an endless supply of creativity, energy, and tolerance for any project that I assume.

101.) My work fulfills, inspires and enriches me.

102.) I begin now, today, to open myself to ever-increasing prosperity.

103.) I attract positive, loving, friends with a wonderful sense of humor.

104.) My possibilities are endless.

105.) I trust the universe gives me exactly what I need at exactly the right time. Everything works out perfectly.

106.) I am at peace with my past. I choose to release the past now. I move forward by letting go of the past. I choose to forgive.

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107.) Every morning I choose to move forward. I stop thinking too much about the past.

108.) I am beautiful inside and out.

109.) I am more and more my best self and it shows today.

110.) The results that I achieve are beneficial to myself and to those around me.

111.) I understand that change is inevitable. I welcome change and adapt myself to change.

112.) I welcome beneficial change and I enjoy a beneficial change.

113.) I am now ready and willing to embrace the changes I want in my life

114.) I can face the changes that are happening in my life…Change Is Good!

115.) I focus on my inner strength and power-I have the ability to change my life.

116.) I focus my power. I change my life.

117.) I am a creative genius.

118.) I can get whatever I desire.

119.) Wealth is pouring into my life.

120.) The winds of optimism push me forward. I am walking step by step to reach all my dreams.

121.) Every morning I open my eyes and see the world in a new light like a child seeing a freshly blooming flower for the first time

122.) My thoughts are under my control.

123.) I accept myself for who I truly am.

124.) I will be focused on my life purpose and be careful in making forward strides.

125.) I am loved and appreciated just as I am.

126.) Thinkers change the world, and I am a thinker.

127.) I am aware that there is something I can do to change my life for the better.

128.) Through the power of my thought and words, positive changes are happening in me and in my life now.

129.) Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed “until” it is faced.

130.) My current life path is a joyful one.

131.) My journey of self-love includes patience. My journey of self-love is meant to be experienced and not rushed through.

132.) There are going to be times where my partner just needs some time for themselves to clear their head. I understand and respect their boundaries. Real love is giving them space.

133.) One day I’m going to make a living doing something I love. I just have to be patient and consistent. My hard work will pay off.

134.) Every cell in my body vibrates with positive energy.

135.) I have everything that I need within me to be successful.

136.) Things are going to get better. There is hope for me. I will outlast these difficult periods.

137.) My peace is mine, I won’t give anyone the power to take it away from me.

138.) I am worth the love that I have denied myself.

139.) I am worthy of abundance and support.

140.) I will respect if others choose not to forgive me for my mistakes. However, I will forgive myself and do/be better moving forward.

141.) Nothing can change what has already happened, but I have the power of the present moment to create positive change in my life.

142.) I am stronger than my problems. These uncomfortable feelings are only temporary.  I will outlast this.

143.) I will not let the negative words of others influence how I internally feel about myself.

144.) I reject the concept of failure and will work effortlessly to achieve my goals.

145.) My journey of self-love begins with me realizing that I am apart of something bigger. My journey of self-love looks like me reclaiming my worth.

146.) My journey of self-love helps me appreciate the world around me in new ways.

147.) I am endlessly beautiful and good.

148.) No more sitting around fantasizing, it’s time to go after the dream and make it happen.

149.) I love abundance and prosperity and I attract it naturally.

150.) The whole Universe and entire mankind are conspiring to make me prosperous and abundant.

151.) Abundance and prosperity is my birthright and I have it.

152.) I create my reality. Nothing is stopping me or holding me back.

153.) I express my spirit freely, without judgment, guilt, or shame.

154.) I am capable, I know that I can do it. I just have to figure out how I’m going to.

155.) I allow myself to love and be loved freely.

156.) Being able to take care of my family is more important than flaunting material items. I’m going to win for us.

157.) I am happy, positive, and universally guided in all that I do.

158.) I will express myself, I will not allow anyone to silence my voice or try to kill my creative spirit.

159.) I open my eyes and allow myself to see all the limitless opportunities and possibilities surrounding me.

160.) I’m creating a strong support system filled with loved ones that I can turn too when things get rough.

What are Daily Positive Affirmations?

Daily positive affirmations are positive Statements on something That is Already Happening. These are simple, short but positive statements that describe a situation in which we want to find ourselves or some goal that we want to achieve.

They are a very effective form of self-talk. Which, when used on a regular basis, can help us become more powerful, self-confident and peaceful.

”My journey of self-love includes patience. My journey of self-love is meant to be experienced and not rushed through.”

Thanks to daily positive affirmations for every area of your life you will experience greater self-confidence, better health, better and more fulfilling relationships with others and true love and appreciation to all!

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For example:

“I am now creating a healthy love relationship”

Even if you do not have a partner, this affirmation is adequate now.

The act of creating a healthy love relationship requires a willingness which includes both the time and experience. When we confirm. I am now creating a healthy love relationship, we help to initiate this readiness.

Daily positive affirmations are an obligation of intent and the obligation is a very powerful force. Our subconscious mind receives a message and begins to work. Our subconscious mind believes in everything we say and think, regardless of whether our conscious mind believes it or not.

When we fill ourselves with daily positive affirmations, we see significant improvements in our health, attitude, our results, and much, much more. Take note of all the significant coincidences that begin to happen to you.

The beauty of affirmations is that they can very easily become part of our lives and do not require any additional time. They can be used anywhere and anytime. The key to positive affirmation is repetition, repetition, and repetition. Repeat every affirmation at least ten times to create a positive effect.

When you wake up, repeat to yourself positive affirmations instead of negative statements.

Have you already heard that positive affirmations can change your life for the better? You may not believe it, but positive thinking and life coaches that teach us how to be happy are becoming more and more popular. And for a reason.

Positive thoughts really invoke positive events, and you have to learn how to succeed them in the head.

Happiness does not come from outside, but comes from ourselves and depends on how we feel. There are people who consider themselves to be happy, although many do not live in the happiest circumstances. There is no universal measure of happiness, nor for success or satisfaction because you can not measure feelings. These are subjective concepts that are often assigned to hormones in our body.

Daily positive affirmations are a wonderful way of changing perspective. For the transformation of negative thoughts, emotions, and beliefs from the subconscious.

If you find an affirmation that you like, feel free to adjust it to your personal needs.

Learn to love and accept what you are right now.

Love and acceptance of yourself can catapult you into new opportunities and open your new ways.

How To Use Daily Positive Affirmations?

For the best effect, daily positive affirmations should be used at the beginning of the day or in the evening. By repeating positive affirmations daily for at least 5 minutes, you can reprogram your subconscious to think more positively.

In this way, we are trying to change our subconscious mind, and they often send out negative signals that are the result of insufficient self-confidence and concern. He will whisper to us with a scandal about: “Is it just me good enough for this,” and similar thoughts, which you must admit, do not really motivate for progress. Daily affirmations are actually overthrowing their effect.

This means that if you want to be successful in a job, you should say the affirmation as if it was already successful. For example: “I am successful and achieve my goal” instead of “I will be successful and will achieve my goal”

Such statements instantly raise the level of self-confidence and faith in oneself, as well as a good mood and create a sense of satisfaction. On the contrary, negative thoughts such as “It’s Not for Me” or “Who knows if they will succeed” make us very quickly give up our goals.

How do Daily Affirmations affect us?

Regularly repeated affirmations, you can transform yourself from a pessimist is an optimist. They help you focus on your goal. Then when you are focused on his accomplishment, you will also see some ways and signs that can help you succeed, which you might not see if you have not decided to succeed at all costs.

We deal emotionally with many things in life. One way to describe emotions and to express them is just words and therefore positive affirmations act. They sneak into our subconscious, and this affects our habits, our behaviors, attitudes, reactions, and generally how we are tackling the things surrounding us.

You must have heard the saying “What kind of thoughts are you, that’s your life”. You can grasp it superficially, and you can turn it into your life philosophy. Repeat affirmations daily and you will change your life.