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What Is Astral Projection and How To Use It


Astral projection is a process in which the soul separates from the body but remains connected to the brain. It happens mostly at night. Most people very often experience astral journeys only they are not able to remember them. Because their brain does not use enough inner consciousness i.e. information of our inner feelings, impressions, thoughts, and observations do not enter the main memory of our brain.

For example, when we walk and see a tree. Our brain registers it by sight and the main memory of our brain remembers it. Because it thinks it matters or forgets it because it thinks that tree is irrelevant. In this example, consciousness occurs so that when we see that tree, not only do we see and remember it.

But we need to think about it and try to experience it, we need to be aware that this tree is many years old. That it has experienced many terrible storms, that it has large roots underground that absorb water and thus feeds the trunk and leave on that tree, etc., etc.… In this way consciousness influences and complements memory and in this way we become more conscious people…

Astral Projection is a practice that involves projecting the mind outside of the physical body and perceiving a real-life experience from a different perspective.

Some people believe that our minds are not confined to our bodies and we have the ability to project ourselves into other dimensions. It is sometimes called out-of-body experiences or astral travel, but it’s more closely related to lucid dreaming.

With all these possibilities for what could happen during an astral projection, it’s clear why this practice has so many different interpretations. In this article, we will look into what some of them might be as well as some common methods of practicing Astral Projection.

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As in the example with the tree, so it is with the astral journey. The main memory is not supplemented with consciousness. There is no possibility of remembering what our inner consciousness has experienced. A big step towards the possibility of conscious astral travel is so that the moment you dream you experience some strange feeling and somehow realize that you are in a dream.

The practice of astral projection (often called astral travel or out-of-body experience) is the projection of one’s self or the soul into the astral plane. The term typically refers to a conscious experience, although there exist cases where it can be achieved while one is in a dreamless sleep.

A lot of people have had an out-of-body experience before, but few know how to do it consciously and purposefully. Astral projection may seem like a myth, but it can be achieved through practice and research on this phenomenon.

What is Astral Projection

Is astral projection real? Astral projection occurs when the astral body is projected into the astral dimension, where things are different than in the real world. Time is extended and distorted, that is. one hour on the astral can be like a few minutes in the physical world, depending on the part of the astral you are in. Reality is fluid and changeable.

During sleep, the energy body, the double, also known as the etheric body or the body of vitality, is turned on to recharge. It expands and opens to accumulate and store energy. A double can do this only during sleep.

The chakras inject power in the form of etheric matter into the energy body. During this process of filling the etheric double, the astral body separates and engages in the astral dimensions where it can create and experience dreams. Performing something like this requires tremendous strength of mind, practice, and knowledge.

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Astral Projection and Dreams

When we dream, we have out-of-body experiences on the astral plane. Conscious astral projection involves getting into a meditative state. Moving your astral body out of your physical body, and traveling around on the astral plane.

Astral Body

Between you, as spirit, and your physical body, there is an intermediate body known as your astral body. It is lighter and more changeable than your physical body. But the astral body has more shape and density than the pure spirit. Your astral body may often be recognizable as your human form, but it can also change appearance, shift shapes, and do fun things like moving through walls.

Astral Plane

The world between the physical and spiritual world is known as the astral plane or the astral. While it is commonly referred to in the singular as the astral plane, there are actually many different levels of the astral or astral planes. We move through these astral planes in our dreams.

Astral Travel

The astral world is much more fluid than the physical world. Astral travel is not bound by the limitations of time and space. You can visit different dimensions and travel to past or future experiences on the astral. For many people, it is also easier to connect with deceased loved ones on the astral.

Astral planes vary from the ordinary to the phantasmagorical, to the divine. Defying easy definition, the astral planes intersect with both physical reality and the symbolic realms of the dream world. Astral travel can take you to dimensions beyond your imagination.

Astral Projection – Dream Experiences

Your astral body plays a key role in creating new developments that have not yet manifested in your physical life. The astral is like a giant laboratory in which you experiment with your life and your creations.

The astral can also offer great insight, as it allows you to come at things from a different angle. Astral dream experiences allow you to see things from a different perspective than your normal awareness. As a result, astral dreams can be especially useful for working on situations that–for one reason or another–may be difficult to face directly in daily life.

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What Is Astral Travel In Dreams

Astral travel in dreams is what allows you to connect with the power of the astral plane, traversing the universe and tapping into higher wisdom. During your dreams, you are at your peak spiritual power; you have direct access to your soul.

Before unlocking your light body, you will engage in some adventures in your dreams. You won’t be able to do it consciously unless you are a natural lucid dreamer, but while you are sleeping your higher self is very busy traveling the astral plane.

You were busy learning lessons and working through the issues that are troubling your subconscious mind. It is an integral part of being human; we are spiritual beings. Some people who unlock their light bodies and gain control over their powers can direct their spiritual progress through this medium.

However, there are some dangers in doing this. A lot of people seem to worry about negative energy beings and demonic attacks while traveling, but the chances of you encountering something your higher self cannot handle is remote. After all, you have been traveling all of your life without ever running into trouble – you just weren’t conscious of it!

The real danger is becoming obsessed with this ability to the point that it starts to get in the way of your waking life. Remember, your waking life is far more important to your soul than your adventures in higher dimensions. It is on Earth that you learn to survive, grow, and improve – journeying on a higher plane is just a way of getting the most out of your experiences in the real world.

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