30 Personal Affirmations That Will Change the Way You Think

In this article, we decided to share with you powerful examples of personal affirmations. People often walk through life unsatisfied, they always lack something in order to be happy, they always have inconveniences, and they cannot understand the cause of that. Can personal affirmations really help? Yes, They Can! The answer is simple. It is about thoughts and their incredible power.

The first and most important person you must believe in is yourself. Toni Sorenson

Stop being so mean to yourself. You give everybody else your compassion, kindness, and forgiveness while you beat yourself up, while you punish yourself, while you demean yourself. You deserve to receive the same love you give so freely to others.

We can’t ignore the fact that personal affirmations have helped many people. We decided to share a list of 30 examples of personal positive affirmations with you.

30  Personal Positive Affirmations

1.) I do not have to make myself smaller in order to be loved.

2.) I do not have to make myself smaller in order to be valued.

3.) The universe is supporting me in everything I do.

4.) Even if people do me wrong, I’m still going to be who I am. I will remain a person that has love in my heart and do good for the world.

5.) I attract high vibe people and experiences.

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6.) I am going to make a life for myself that I want to live.

7.) I am going to learn how to love myself in all forms.

8.) I am doing my best despite what anyone else may think.

9.) I am weaving my reality, one thread at a time.

10.) My energy is flexible, and fluid.

11.) I effortlessly create my desired reality in collaboration with the Divine.

12.) The only limits I have are the limits I place upon myself.

13.) I have faith that I am always in the right place, at the right time.

14.) At any moment I can choose to change direction, with complete confidence that my pre-planned destiny is unfolding, no matter my direction.

15.) I pick peace over chaos. I value my well-being. Sometimes walking away is self-love.

16.) I am exactly where I need to be right now.

17.) I speak highly of myself because I love myself.

18.) I cannot be compared to others because I am unique.

19.) I cannot control the thoughts, beliefs, or actions of anyone but myself.

20.) Life is happening for me, not to me.

21.) No one has permission to make me feel anything unless I give it to them.

22.) There is no such thing as “I have to”.

23.) I am attracting love and positivity.

24.) Focusing on more opportunities giving less energy to obstacles. I’m manifesting bigger blessings and bigger wins.

25.) I am responsible for the way I feel.

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26.) I do not entertain negativity, regardless of who it comes from.

27.) There is no good or bad, everything that happens is supposed to happen and it’s happening for my growth – there are no accidents.

28.) I have the right to choose what to believe and not what others want me to believe.

29.) I love myself too much to suffer for the comfort of others.

30.) My journey of self-love begins with putting my guard down, letting myself be vulnerable, so  I can be honest with myself.